Friday, May 13, 2016

Mount Rainier National Park [1938]

Motoring Guide to Mount Rainier National Park in 1938 ...

"A 40-page illustrated booklet -- telling of glaciers, flowers, history, animals, and what to do and see in Mount Rainier National Park -- will be presented to each party of visitors at the following localitites:  Longmire -- Park Museum and Administration Building; Paradise Valley - Community House and Ranger Station; Yakima Park, Ohanapecosh Hot Springs, and Carbon River Entrance -- Ranger Stations." Until you could pick up that 40-page booklet this little foldout would have to do. Published in 1938 by the National Park Service. Our favorite part is the map.

If you've followed us for a while you know we love the National Parks. Our favorite is Yellowstone but Mount Rainier is closest to home. How about you ... Do you have a favorite National Park?

Information Side
Map Side
Mount Rainier near dawn
March 11, 2009
from our archives.
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  1. I think Yellowstone is my favorite, too, but I could be influenced by your choice. I also love Rocky Mountain National Park, which I lived close by for so many years. :-)

  2. Hello Mount Rainier was one of my favorite parks to visit. Lovely post and awesome photo. Have a happy weekend!

  3. this flat-lander loves old mountain photos too

  4. How about Banff and Jasper?

  5. Great view of the Mount Rainer, John, beautiful post.
    Happy weekend!

  6. I've always loved the view of Mt. Ranier on a clear day.

  7. I wish we preserve more parks, especially here in our country.


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