Sunday, October 23, 2016


How about this old postcard from our collection ...

"All who know me ... respect me."
Signed by Charles M Russell
Copyright 1907 

Back of the card showing Dec 30 1907 Postmark
Published by W T Ridgley Co
One cent stamp!
Can we get a little respect?  :-)

More from the Island ...

We recently had a stormy day here in the Emerald City (aka Seattle, WA). We enjoy storms as long as we don't encounter any significant damage and that is exactly the way the day turned out. We had breaks in the clouds such as you see in the photo below.

Anyone out there have a digital barometer and enjoy watching a storm approach? Yes, we know ... we're way beyond the norm on this ... crazy?

Delighted to spot namesake, MS Seattle, a Hanjin Container Vessel, departing Seattle on Saturday, Oct 15th. (We included a pic of her arrival, the day before, in our Oct 14th post.)

There she goes ... last cruise ship to visit Seattle 2016 season ... Star Princess departing on Saturday, Oct 21st ...

Oct 21st  4:35 PM
Star Princess
Off to warmer climes for the winter.

We're back in the routine of daily walks. Noticed the scene below while walking by one of the branch libraries. Thumbs up for the crew of Engine 20. Now wondering if fire trucks seem fascinating after seeing something like this as a kid. Hmmmm ...

Green to gold ... it's all in this one ...

Do you ever, on a fall walk, see just one leaf that strikes you?

It seemed late in the season for this one, but maybe it's never too late if there hasn't been a frost ...

Couldn't stop looking at the sky ...

Oct 21st  5:56 PM

Is this a "photobomb" or ARE you OK with the Bird?

MS Africa, China Shipping Line Container Vessel
Oct 17th  8:43 AM
Vessel capacity 9,000 TEU
Departing Seattle
Maritime Lesson:  Container ships are rated by their capacity in TEUs. A TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit) is the standard unit for describing a ship's cargo carrying capacity, or a shipping terminal's cargo handling capacity. The term orginated from the size of a standard shipping container - 20x8x8 feet. More commonly seen today is a larger container - 40x8x8 which equals two TEUs.

Here is an image from the web that compares the sizes of container ships over the years. The MS Africa in our photo is about a "mid-sized" container vessel ...

The pic below seemed fitting for closing this post ...

Fishing vessel leaving Elliott Bay at dusk
October 21, 2016  6:24 PM

Closing thought
today comes from the Official Dictionary of Sarcasm ...

LIE:  Something politicians accuse each other of doing in an endless and laughably ironic cycle of the pot calling the kettle black.


  1. love the postcard! and the green to gold!

  2. Reading your posts is both enjoyable and a educational.Thanks for sharing so much info.

  3. Love the autumn leaves and sunset colours. And funny old postcard! :)

  4. That first picture is a stunner, John. And I notice that your photography just keeps getting and better. I'm jealous! :-)

  5. Always fun to watch these huge ships come and go. Amazing how they all function, delivering goods we just take for granted.I have visited your area many times, and always enjoyed being close to the water.I used to house sit for friends up in Bellingham each year, having taught and the summer off.I spent the other day laying on my back during a hike just appreciating the leaves falling and watching their ascent.Red and I have a lot in common, although he has a decade on me.Thanks for stopping by, I will look forward to seeing you again.

  6. Green to gold is just beautiful.
    I've seen quite a lot of skunks around here by me lately. I try to keep my distance. : )

  7. What a thought provoking postcard.
    These are lovely photos as always, John. Sorry for not visiting for quite a while. My internet connection was crazy.

  8. Ha! That definition of a lie is spot on! I don't know how many times Trump and Clinton called each other liars in the last debate... I had someone tell me he thought Trump was a pathological liar. When I countered that Hillary isn't exactly known for being truthful either, he told me she's just a more organized liar [obviously preferable] ;).

    Neat to see the 1907 post card and stamp. I was thinking about you yesterday touring the Bremer County Historical Society Museum when I saw a bunch of beautiful old holiday cards.

    We don't have a digital barometer, but I always like to watch the storm fronts roll in.

    Enjoyed your photos of the ships; neat to see how their sizes have changed over the years. The leaves and wildflowers are beautiful, and neat to have a bird photobomb you!

    As usual, a great post!

  9. That postcard is a monument to past attitudes and pursuits. To be respectable was an honor, to be respected, to do the right thing. And no matter what my TV tells me these days, I think it is still a thing. Many, many respectable people out there are doing the right thing, day in and day out.

    Love the light streaming in through the clouds--- for the same reason!

  10. Beautiful fall scenes from "Emerald City."...:)

  11. liked the card .Respect is earned so hardly and can be loosed so easily .
    to earn respect we have to respect others .

    your skies are marvelous and so well captured .
    loved the sharing form your new post


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