Friday, October 28, 2016

Wishing you a Jolly Halloween!

From John's old postcard collection ... Wishing you a Jolly Hallowe'en! How long has it been since someone wished you a "Jolly" Halloween?

Jolly Hallowe'en
Early 1900s postcard
[Click on any image for larger view]

Back of the unused card
Two cents postage!
Linking up today with Postcards for the Weekend. Thanks Maria for hosting!

More seasonal images ...

When the witch lady below flew by my window I thought she was someone I knew! Thank goodness she wasn't as she ended up smack on a utility pole in our neighborhood! It appears that she has a wine glass in her right hand ... could she have been FUI (flying under the influence)? Do you have these kind of happenings in your neighborhood?

Scene at intersection of 6th Ave W and  West McGraw St
October 22nd  11:43 AM
The picture below also seems fitting to the season. On October 24th, as the sun crept above the eastern horizon, there was enough of a break in the mostly overcast sky to allow the streaming sunlight to reflect off  waterfront homes to the west across Puget Sound. And the color of the sky seemed to enhance the color of those changing trees on Bainbridge Island.

Oct 24th  8:05 AM
Looking across Puget Sound to the west
Bainbridge Island and the foothills to the Olympics behind.
More (mostly) sky photos ...

Looking across Puget Sound
October 25th  5:09 PM

Cosco container vessel departing Seattle
October 27th  5:29 PM

The picture below needs a bit of explanation. Wednesday, October 26th, was one of those days Northwesterners have nightmares about dream about! It rained almost all day, pretty heavy at times. We got a late start on our daily walk, but got it done, and got more than a little wet doing it. Back home, daylight nearly done, sitting by the fire, nice and dry, listening to a good book (The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins), we glanced out the window and ... wow, look at that sky. It was like nature wanted to give us one last comment on the day.
Looking across Puget Sound to the west.
October 26th  6:05 PM

Last one ... This morning's rainbow ... a fitting close to the week in the Emerald City!

Rainbow over the Marina
October 28th  8:58 AM
(Elliott Bay Marina, Seattle, WA)
Happy Halloween to you and yours.

Closing thought ...
When a dog runs at you, whistle for him.
     Henry David Thoreau


  1. Here in Sweden some of the American trick-or-treat Halloween traditions have crept in as well in later years; but more solemn traditions still dominate, like putting candles and decorations on loved ones' graves. (And our witches tend to be out flying at Easter time rather than at Halloween!)

  2. Some great photos this weke but I love the witch slamed in the teligraph pole

  3. I love your Halloween Card and I'm afraid I "stole" your idea for the blog link up. I am sorry for that, but my cards are very different from yours!

    Your other photos are great too!

  4. A fine pumpkin, a colour not dissimilar to those gorgeous autumn trees. The drunk in charge of a broomstick is so funny.

  5. Hello John! Happy Halloween to you. Love the postcard and the pretty sky images. The rainbow is beautiful. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  6. adorable card. always laugh at those mis-flying witches. and lovely skies.

  7. Wow, great shots. I definitely think she was FUI, John. :-)

  8. Great sky photos with lots of clouds. but then how are you going to get all your rain without clouds?

  9. WOW! Your sky shots are amazing.That 'fire in the sky' shot is spectacular.

  10. Jolly Halloween John! That lady was a huge surprise! Was it for real?! Haha!

  11. Happy Halloween to you too.

    You know I luvvvved that golden skyscape

  12. Hello, John! I love that photo over Puget Sound.

    Have a happy Halloween :)

  13. I love those vintage Halloween postcards, even if I don't celebrate Halloween myself. About your question: someone wished me a jolly Halloween three years ago... :)

    I also love your pictures. The lady/witch is very funny!

  14. You have a great talent of capturing the views so wonderfully.
    I am amazed by your Puget sound and last comment of the day master pieces truely

  15. You have a great talent of capturing the views so wonderfully.
    I am amazed by your Puget sound and last comment of the day master pieces truely

  16. Love that cute Halloween post card. : )
    Beautiful sky pictures.

  17. Very interesting thought by Thoreau! As they say, sometimes the best defense is a strong offense.

    I don't think I've ever been wished a Jolly Halloween! Enjoyed your photos of the sky and trees.

    1. Also, I'm thinking your header is new (or did I just never notice before?) Looks nice!

  18. Happy Halloween! Amazing shots of the sky!

  19. Wow.... wish I could send and receive the good old post cards.


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