Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The New Blue North

The Blue North is a brand new "longline" fishing vessel christened in Seattle at Fisherman's Terminal on September 9th, 2016, and we stopped by to get some photos ...

Blue North Longliner Fishing Vessel
Fisherman's Terminal, Seattle
September, 2016

Note the tent on the left.
Preparations for Christening Ceremony on Sept. 9th

View from Ballard Bridge shows preparations for

Size of these ships can't be appreciated until you are up close!
We didn't really know how a longliner operated and what made it different that other ocean fishing vessels. We found this illustration on the web which is good about giving you the concept. Personally, we like this a lot better than the big nets that trap the whales and dolphins.

Illustration from the web showing how
longline fishing works.
The President and CEO of Blue North Fishing, Kenny Downs, posted this YouTube about the christening and how the Blue North would be an environmentally friendly vessel ...

Other Maritime ...
China Shipping Line heading out of Puget Sound
with a pretty big load of containers.
Oct 4th  6:31 PM

Holland America's Nieuw Amsterdam in port
with a crescent moon setting behind.
Oct 2nd  7:37 PM

CVN 68 Leaving Seattle area Oct 5th
USS Nimitz - Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier
Named for Admiral Chester W Nimitz
Sky photo ...
Colorful Clouds
September 29th  6:59 PM
Other considerations ...

We like blogs that give us a thought for the day. We'll throw in some for a while and see it how goes. Let us know if you like them. One thing we believe ... most folks don't READ a blog. They just look at the pictures. Do you agree? If you are still reading this, you are exceptional! :-)

Today's thought:

Truth exists; only falsehood has to be invented.
   Georges Braque


  1. ha! I am exceptional.

    Enjoyed all. You know I love skyscapes :O)

  2. Love the pictures.Yes,I am one who actually reads the blogs.I like the added thought for the day.

  3. I got lucky today and read all of your post. I admit that I sometimes skip things. Thought for the day takes a lot of discipline. For many years I had quote of the day on the board in my classroom.

  4. liked your post specially the video is quite interesting and informative .

    i mostly don't comment till i read the whole post because i don't find words to say if i don't know anything about the post .
    God bless

  5. I do look at the pictures, John, but I also read them, too. Sometimes I've thought about putting a Thought for the Day on my blog, but I tend to get bogged down in them when I start searching for one. :-)

  6. I tend to skim very long blogs, but I do try and read! I like your sky shot.

  7. Nimitz was from Fredericksburg Texas and there is a WW2 museum with a model of the Nimitz aircraft carrier in his home town.

    I do read your blog and I read all the post cards.


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