Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Invictus waits for You

The Invictus is a Charter Yacht. You can see her (bottom left) in the photo below taken yesterday evening. She is still docked at the Marina today so possibly waiting for the next charter to begin. Could it be you? If interested, check out her website. The currently posted rate is a cool $476,000 per week PLUS expenses.

Invictus Yacht at Elliott Bay Marina
with a RORO moving north in Puget Sound
Wednesday evening, October 5th

Cloudy sunset later in the evening.
Olympic Mountains in the distance.

Last night's crescent moon.
Waxing, about 26%

Two well known places.
In the distance: Mt Rainier sporting a "Cloud Cap"
Nearer large building to the left: Starbucks Headquarters
Photo snapped September 10th  1:32 PM
We definitely have some exceptional followers. Thank you for your comments yesterday about reading the blog.

Closing thought:
Conduct is more convincing than language.
     John Woolman


  1. Once again great set of pictures.I'll get right on that booking for the private yacht.Spending that much money per week sounds ridiculous to me.Oh well,I guess there are many people who have a whole lot more money than I do. Thanks for your generous and kind comments on my blog.

  2. Shucks....that price is just a few bucks below my budget! lol!

  3. Well, John I thought you'd be on the yacht for week's cruise. No problem!

  4. Good thought about conduct being more convincing than language; so true! I like the shot of the mountain with the cloud cap.

    $476,000 per week?! Wow. How on earth could anyone be content to part with that much money in that short of time?!

  5. That's a little pricey, so I guess I'll hold off on the cruise. I like your crescent moon shot, John. :-)

  6. love your views. i'll skip the cruise, though. :)

  7. You have such horrible views where you live. Poor chap.

    Love that cloud cap.

  8. You know, with the way traffic is these days, it's gotten to the point where I won't go anywhere except by chartered yacht.

    Ha...yeah, not really. WHO does that? I mean like, the Queen of England and There can't be a huge market for it.


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