Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Most Unusual Ship - 2020

One way 2020 did not disappoint ... In July, HODOR Astilleros Armon was anchored out in Elliott Bay and I snapped a few pics of her ... 

HODOR in Elliott Bay
Be sure to note the chopper on board.
July 11, 2020
My "most unusual" spotting from home in 2020.

Wider view.
In the distance ... Bainbridge Island, WA

Spotting record from MarineTraffic ...

Pretty cool YouTube - Timelapse HODOR Construction ... (3 min 15 sec via YouTube)

Lots of Info on a cool website

Info from ...

Launched in 2019 by Spanish shipyard Astilleros Armón, luxury support catamaran HODOR measures 66.2m/217ft and has plenty of onboard storage space for such additions as a submarine, decompression chamber, helideck and a range of tenders and motorised water toys. A pair of MTU engines of 2.832 kW provides a cruising speed of 13.2 knots, a maximum speed of 22.5 knots and a range of 5,500 nautical miles at an economical speed of 13.2 knots. The catamaran hull provides fuel savings of up to 40% and draws from 160,000 litres of diesel fuel.

Another YouTube featuring the HODOR ... (4 min 35 sec via YouTube)

Screenshots from Super Yacht Times website. ...

I would say the HODOR is the most unusual vessel I've spotted in 2020. Would you be interested in chartering the HODOR? If so, perhaps you would take me along.

Thankful Thursday fits in perfectly with my end-of-the-year posts because they are basically all about things I've been thankful for in 2020. Thank you, Michelle, for hosting.


  1. Hello,
    Wow, it is an impressive yacht. It does hold a lot of toys! The helicopter is cool. That would be an expensive charter, lol.
    Take care, enjoy your day!

  2. I've not seen anything quite like that, John. Quite a vessel! I am afraid I don't have the wealth it would take to charter it, but one can dream :)

  3. That looks interesting . I don't think my budget would get me onto that ship.

  4. Um, that is definitely a very unusual sighting! If I win the lottery I might consider buying it and then I'll be sure to take you along. Thanks for the interesting post.

  5. Hi John- A very unusual ship - certainly modern- at first glance I though it to be a Military ship. It sort of is an updated 'Calypso'. Thanks for posting. Regards. KEV.

  6. My very good friend Richard follows the blog from his home in the United Kingdom. He does not comment here on the blog but occasionally sends me his thoughts directly via email. I received one from him this morning that is so great I need to add it to the post. So here is what he said, and Thank You Richard! :-) :-)

    Hi John I am sorry you didn't get my e-mail about coming on a trip aboard the Hodor Astilleros Armon last week, your web server must have been down, we had a great time, I was going to send the helicopter across to pick you up ....if only ha ha . What a ship, mind boggling how the designers come up with vessels like that...frightening also the costs involved, not only buying it but the actual running costs.....I expect someone some where is being fleeced to be able to buy such vessels.............. Catch up again soon

  7. John, thank you for linking up today. I hope you stay well and enjoy the holiday season.

  8. We may ALL have to chip in to charter this one! lol But my oh amazing! Just super that you were able to see it and take pics! Well done! And I just read the email your friend Richard sent! Perfect! That is just perfect! lol

  9. OMGOSH! Is that fantastic, or what? We have some big shipbuilders here in Sturgeon Bay, WI-and many luxury boats have come from here. I have bene lucky enough to see a couple of them when I worked for a company up there.

    My hubby and I lived about a Cruiser for 3 summers and drove back and forth to work (about 25 miles). I LOVED living aboard and was so sad when we finally sold it. sigh.

    Such is life, huh? lol. Enjoy things while you have them-that's my motto! Diana


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