Saturday, October 23, 2021

October in Seattle


More about the image above in a moment, but first, my visit to Seattle's Dunn Gardens.

After living in Seattle for decades,
I finally visited Dunn Gardens on October 19th

Dunn Gardens has been placed on the
National Register of Historic Places

The gardens were designed by the Olmsted
Brothers Firm as a residential garden in 1915

Dunn Gardens in Seattle, Washington, is a privately owned 7.5-acre (3.0 ha) property composed of the remaining acreage of the estate of Arthur G. Dunn Sr.. Dunn bought the property in 1914 as a summer get-a-way for his family, and contracted the landscaping to the Olmsted Brothers. Upon his death, the property was inherited by his children. His son Edward B. Dunn provided for the care of his share of the estate in his will. A trust was created two years after his death to oversee the entire property. Dunn Gardens were listed on the National Register of Historic Places on December 15, 1994, and are open for special public events and docent-led guided tours April through July, and from September through October.  More info at Wikipedia

Autumn Leaves

Musical Interlude

October Walks

Royal Caribbean's Ovation of the Seas moored at Pier 91
on October 16th. She completed her "cruise-to-Alaska"
season when she returned to Seattle on October 15th.

Technology in action. The green laser prevents critters
from staying in the area.

Stopping to snap the scene from the steps
is a part of the daily walk. Every day is unique.

Someone has found the charm of this spot at dawn.

The beauty of the morning sky often has a positive
effect on my day.

The old saying ... "A picture is worth a thousand words."
I'll start with two: Mt Rainier

This picture was snapped from home moments after sunrise
on October 17th. There were no passengers aboard the ship
to enjoy the sunrise from there. After several days moored
at Pier 91, Ovation of the Seas moved to anchor in Elliott Bay.

My first snap, on October 17th, at the steps,
 led to the image below.

Emerald City icon, aka Space Needle

Dilemma for locals ... Do we call this a "mountain is out" day?

Baby pine cones?

Foss tugs waiting for action.

On Thursday, October 14th, I was near the end of my walk when the thought occurred to me that I had not seen anything worthy of snapping a photo. At almost that exact moment, I glanced down to see three painted rocks beside the trail. I actually had to turn around and snap the photo below to record the scene. Next day I stopped again and snapped some close ups of the rocks. I just wish I knew the story on who painted them and why. Just another fascination encountered on the walk.

The painted rocks reminded me of an image I'd seen in a beautiful vintage book, Achievement in Photo-Engraving and Letter-Press Printing. The book was copyrighted and published by the American Photo-Engravers Association in Chicago, Illinois, in 1927. That image is below and it also gives me a good excuse to link up with Saturday's Critters.

Sunday's Walk - October 24th

Windy, wet, stormy morning in Puget Sound
aka Seattle, Washington
Snapped at the beginning of my walk.

It is nice to see the National Geographic Venture back at Pier 90

There was something really nice about looking out
over the water way. That little strip of green grass really
gives it color.

Entrance to overlook/steps as the trail curves around the waterfront.

From the steps, looking out over Elliott Bay

The view toward downtown Seattle.
To the left ... one of the West Coast's largest Grain Terminals
where grain from other parts of the US is transferred
to ships for international delivery.


I simply had to share the following photos from my good friend in the United Kingdom. In his email, here is what he said ... "I have sent some pics of a friend of ours who has a AMPHICAR, its one of only 7 in the UK, insured for £120k ($164,272.00), he has fully restored it over the past 7 years and is now reaping the pleasure from it, we were invited to have a trip out in it with our family last weekend on Wroxham Broad, calm waters made it a great trip."

My friend follows the blog here and occasionally sends me some interesting photos. He knows I love cruise ships but who would have guessed a person can take a cruise in a car?

Fascinating stuff ... Thank you my friend!


  1. Hello, John,
    The painted rocks are so cute, I like the colorful fish. The illustration is lovely. The trees are looking colorful, we are not seen many fall colors here. Your photos of the sunrise, the Space Needle and Mt. Rainier are beautiful, what a lovely start to your day. I wonder, does the cruise ship go out on a repositioning cruise for the winter months? I enjoyed your photos and the cute fish mosaic. Thank you for linking up and sharing your critters and post. Take care, have a happy weekend! PS, I appreciate your comment and visit.

  2. John-I have been away for a while taking care of lots of family matters-illnesses, etc. Anyway, your post this morning was a bright spot for me. I have been to Seattle a few times and it is a beautiful city. My best friend lived in Snohomish for many years.

    Lovely morning shots and cruise ship pictures. What fun to find those painted rocks. A few years ago, my grandgirls were painting them and leaving them in odd places. People would pick them up and move them and record it on a website page devoted strictly to that. Not sure if that is still happening, or not.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Diana

  3. Hello,:=)Your morning walks are good for your health, but also give you plenty of opportunities to take interesting and beautiful photos. Lovely colourful nature images in Dunn gardens, and Mt Rainier, with a bit of humour thrown in which made me smile. The bottom image is a beautiful fish print, and the stones you found are a bit of a mystery
    but well painted, perhaps you will eventually find out who painted them.:=)

  4. The painted rocks are so neat and I love the music you chose for your post! I know I would love looking at that vintage book too. You always work so hard to have such a beautiful post for us all to enjoy! Have a good weekend! I know I would love to be walking there!

  5. Gorgeous pix!! Thanks for the wonderful tour ~

  6. What a beautiful place Dunn Gardens is. What a treat it would be to walk there.
    All your photos are wonderful!!!

  7. Great that a few people have been able to leave behind some beauty. These gardens would be a great place to spend time. Great sunrise shots.

  8. As always, I really enjoy seeing through the world through your pictorial journey and explanation. The Dunn Gardens are wonderful, and I'm always glad to see your beautiful sunrise shots. BTW, I suggest reading David Michie's novel "The Magician of Lhasa" and its sequel when you get a chance. It has truly increased my interest in learning more about Tibetan Buddhism. :-)

  9. Well John, you have once again filled this post with so much beauty. Those sky scenes are spectacular and of course the mountain backdrop makes any scenes amazing. I love the first shot of the space needle. Just gorgeous.

  10. Bello paseo como quisiera conocer esa cuidad. Te mando un beso

  11. Wonderful observations and pics as always.

    My latest post:

  12. Hi JOHN,
    Spectacular photos John - well done indeed. Good news- We are out of Lock Down at last after 14-16 Weeks and it has been great- the first thing I did was visit the Barbers for a haircut- 'Noah' did a great job. Hope you are well and safe there in Seattle. Best Wishes. KEV.

  13. One of the things I love about your blog, John, the way you describe your walks and have accompanying photos to help us " walk along with you" as it were.

  14. it is beautiful where you live very beautiful! but I prefer the crazy heat of Miami. Few clothes nothing on the mind walk in the sun
    A giant
    hug just
    for you

  15. Hello John
    What a beautiful post, so much to see.
    The Autumn colours are wonderful and such a lovely music choice.
    Isn't the amphicar amazing, such fun.

    I hope the weather allows you to enjoy some more lovely walks during November. The year seems to be passing by so quickly.

    Take care, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan


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