Monday, January 17, 2011

Railfanning Auburn, Washington

You may have noticed in my profile that I'm interested in railroads. As a kid I bugged my grandmother to take me on a train trip. She finally relented and ever since I've been fascinated with trains and railroads. Those of us who are fascinated with trains are called railfans. (Among other things.) I enjoy getting out and taking videos of trains.  Here is one I shot in Auburn, Washington in February, 2009, of the Sounder Commuter.  Some great horn sounds near the end of the clip as the train departs the station.

The rail portion of the Sounder service runs between Tacoma and Everett, WA. Separate trains are used for the portions between Tacoma and Seattle and between Seattle and Everett. The station in Seattle is called King Street Station and is shared with AMTRAK.


  1. One of your all time best rail photos is the switch yard taken from the Hulen Street bridge, and that was taken 47 years ago. You are right about lifelong fascination.

  2. Howdy Mac. Thanks for the comment. You set me to looking for that rail yard photo and I think I've found it. Will post in a couple of days. Thanks again for stopping by the Island.

  3. Cool video, John! The trains in your area are much more colorful than the trains we have here in Chicago. Love the horns!

  4. Oh,gosh! Just like I remember! Our farm was near RR tracks and several went by each day. Us kids never tired of watching them and getting permission to ride our bikes closer so we could wave.

  5. Hi John. This is wonderful! When I was a kid visiting relatives in Kentucky, we used to put pennies on the railroad track and delight when they were run over by the train. Much fun!

  6. Hi Julie, Cheryl, and Jann. Thanks for stopping by the Island and leaving a comment. Sure appreciate it.


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