Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Hurricane Ana's Remnants

Several days ago the Inland Northwest Weather Blog posted some interesting information explaining how the remnants of Hurricane Ana (just missed Hawaii) would end up here, in the Pacific Northwest.

Late Tuesday, just before sunset, the storm clouds were coming in as we snapped this photo ...

Those of you who follow Seattle's weather know that rain here is rare. (Just kidding, of course.) But this is truly rare to see a hurricane's remnants circle back to the east. Just another new aspect of "Global Warming"?

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  1. It's pouring rain outside as I read this. Unfortunately, Ana will be affecting my hike tomorrow, too. :-(

  2. John, it's funny to mention global warming, cuz that's what all things seem to go back to. Interesting weather pattern. So glad you seldom get rain in Seattle! ;-)

  3. If you are interested in "global warming" here is a good blog to read.

  4. A very dramatic looking sky. Great shot.

  5. Amazing isn't it? and very rare! We got a lot of wind and rain here and I believe they got snow where my mom lives. All from the same hurricane. Mother nature is powerful and we are lucky it wasn't a stronger hurricane.

  6. Hi John, weather changes indeed due to Global Warming. Here in the Philippines we observed typhoons are getting stronger. Some areas where typhoons had never visited are the ones getting hit by this weather phenomenon. I hope all is well with you over there my blogger friend, :)


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