Monday, October 20, 2014

Mid-October Fall Color

This year, in general, fall colors don't seem quite as spectacular as years past. There are exceptions, of course, like the trees along the street above.

More common, still pretty, trees that have more yellows and browns, like the one below ...

City scene with the dumpster on the street ... nature shines above it ...

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  1. Very nice pictures, John. You really captured the feeling of the trees right now. In a few more weeks, they will all be bare. Will you take pictures of them then, too? I'd like to visit them again. :-)

  2. John, thanks for sharing these....I'm visiting Arizona right now, and they have no sign of the fall approaching.

  3. Beautiful shots John! The first photo reminds me of my header photo which I took a few years ago near my TCM doctor's home. There are lots of beautiful maple trees where she lives. I keep thinking I should get back there for a few good photos but the time for it has pretty much passed for another year. Have a good week.

  4. A very nice collection of fall colors. I agree with you, though there area exceptions the colors aren't as nice as years past.

  5. Those look pretty incredible!

    I wonder what makes some years brighter than others. Maybe the cold weather?

  6. Beautiful. All the pictures have lovely color,but it is the lone leaf that wins first place for me today.

  7. Wow! These trees are awesome! Those above, from a distance look like giant flowers.


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