Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Visit to Yellowstone [2014 - 1]

In Yellowstone National Park, October, 2014

Near the center, with a fresh coat of snow, is Electric Peak. We snapped this photo on October 3, 2014, from the edge of the Madison River looking north. The location is just inside the west entrance of the Park on what is known as Riverside Drive.

From Wiki ...

"Electric Peak is the tallest mountain in the Gallatin Range of southern Montana, close to the Wyoming border and rises to an altitude of 10,969 feet (3,343 m). The peak has some of the greatest physical relief in Yellowstone National Park, rising 3,389 ft (1,033 m) above its base.

Electric Peak was named during the first ascent in 1872 by the United States Geological Survey. Members of the Hayden Survey led by Henry Gannett experienced electrical discharges from their hands and hair after a lightning event on the summit."

Stop back for a few more photos from Yellowstone over the next few days.

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  1. The weather looks lovely. I like the picture of the peak, and I look forward to more! :-)

  2. This looks like a picture that should be enlarged and hung on a wall (preferably one of my walls). :)

  3. Absolutely beautiful. It's no wonder they use the word "majestic" to describe mountain.

  4. John always such absolutely beautiful photos. This one is so special because of the water in it's position with the mountain.


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