Saturday, June 15, 2019

June 13, 14, and 15 Walks

Snaps from Recent Walks

June 15 - Saturday - Today's walk at Green Lake

Just getting started on today's walk at Green Lake.
Peaceful and the walkway is mostly mine.
57F (14C) seemed warm while walking.
No wind and it felt like the humidity was up there.
Mostly overcast with gradual clearing in the forecast.
June 15, 2019  6:11 AM

A brood (?) of mallards.
Ok, I looked this up on one of those official looking birding websites. "A group of ducklings being cared for by their mother is called a brood." But there is no sign of mother, so I'm not sure if I can call this a brood or not. Anyway, it's a cute bunch of young ducks. I was more than half way around the lake when I spotted this group and said, yes, this will be good for Saturday's Critters.

Little ducks sleeping late!
At Green Lake, June 15th

Here is a young lady getting ready for a swim.
She appears to be "safety-wise" with the orange cap and float.
Yes, I'm seeing quite a few swimmers these past few days.
At Green Lake, Seattle, June 15th

I've reached the end of today's walk and snapped this picture
of a crew getting started with their practice.
At Green Lake, June 15th
June 14 - Friday

Cloudy, 55F (13C) at the start of Friday's walk.
At Green Lake, Seattle
June 14, 2019  5:39 AM

On a Friday I expected more walkers.
There were not many.
At Green Lake, June 14th

This grouping behavior by the geese is something
I've noticed quite a bit more the last couple of weeks.
I've read that it may be for security after a molting or
loss of feathers.
At Green Lake, June 14th
Also, there is a mallard family in the upper left
quarter but they are hard to see.

The "sprinkler challenge" has been underway the last few walks.

Another walk completed.
June 14th at Green Lake
June 13 - Thursday

These days now have some of Seattle's earliest sunrises.
Here's how it looked at the start of Thursday's walk at
Green Lake, Seattle, WA
June 13, 2019  5:42 AM

Today I was more into just walking than stopping for pictures,
but I liked the look of this goose family.
Just one little one with them.
June 13, 2019
at Green Lake

A closer look.
This is where I think optical zoom shines.

At the end of today's walk looking across the lake.
Compared to the start photo ... it looks like the clouds are moving out.
Bright sunshine is the outlook.
At Green Lake, June 13th
Comment Replies

Eileen - Good question about the tower cranes down at the Expedia Headquarters construction site. I've seen some architectural drawings of the completed buildings and they are not "high-rise" so I don't really expect much of my view to be blocked. Thanks for asking.


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  1. ...a brood, a bunch, a flock, a herd, whatever, they are nice to see.

  2. Hello, John! thanks for answering my question. I hope your view will not be blocked. Your lake photos are lovely, the sunrise is gorgeous. I like the cute ducks, gosling and geese. I would think the water is cold in the lake for swimming, I like bath water temps. Thanks for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your day and weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment on my blog.

  3. I love the Mallard babies...or brood! How precious are they! You have beautiful places to walk. ENJOY!!!

  4. The ducklings are adorable. I’ve never seen any here. The blues in Thursday’s photos are beautiful.

  5. Such fine pictures, once again. I love the look of that cute little duckling and have my fingers crossed that it will one day be a grownup. :-)

  6. Beautiful 'walking' images. I love ducks and geese but I live rurally, so never get close to them, they are too wild, fly off before I get anywhere near them.

  7. There's always some interesting stuff to see around Green lake.

  8. Lovely pictures. I think I would prefer those walks when few, if any other people are around. There is something about solitude that seems good, at times.

  9. Enjoyed seeing your photos of your walks.
    I've never seen a brood of young ducks all together like that. Great capture.

  10. You certainly have such lovely places to walk, and I always enjoy seeing your photographs.
    Aren't the baby Mallards sweet …

    All the best Jan

  11. I did not know Mallards cuddled together like that!

  12. Mallards across the globe; some in the river Tweed today.

  13. I've taken walks where there were "sprinkler challenges" ... I've lost a few challenges lol. The geese in our local park are all grouped together most of the time... basically because they all want the bits of bread that folks bring to toss to them. Ha!


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