Friday, November 17, 2023

Mostly Skies

Northern Lights

The northern lights, or the aurora borealis, are beautiful dancing waves of light that have captivated humans for millennia. The 3 photos here were taken in the Southeast part of the United Kingdom just recently. All 3 photos were sent to me by blog follower and friend Richard. Thank you, Richard, for allowing me to share these beautiful captures.

Today's Sunrise

A screen capture from the Space Needle webcam
at about 6:40AM, November 17
Don't miss Mt Rainier (near the middle).

Another screen capture from the Space Needle webcam
at about 7:00AM, November 17
Unusually clear morning. 

Yesterday's Sunset

A perfectly clear day and, of course, I just kept
snapping as the sun was setting across
Puget Sound and slipping behind Bainbridge Island.
The last photo just fascinated me with the trees
looking to be ablaze.

And as long as it's sunset time, how about some
hummers feeding at sunset?
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  1. Awe !!!!
    your blog friend Richard sounds great person no doubt dear John .
    i absolutely loved teh northern light images !
    what a bliss to witness them from close yet for me the such starry sky is more meaningful and important actually .i see this all the time but only through the eyes of my soul ,through my imagination :)
    thanks for making our day with spectacular photos each visit !
    best wishes for all you up to in days ahead!

  2. The images of the Northern Lights are amazing.

  3. Hello,
    Your friend's photos of the Northern Lights are gorgeous. I heard there were various places in USA you could see these gorgeous skies. I saw a little of the Northern Lights in Iceland it is a beautiful sight to see. Your sunset images are lovely too. My favorite is the cute hummingbirds at your feeder, lucky you! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  4. ...John, the sunset with the hummingbirds is magical. I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. So lovely! I also gazed at that last one for awhile, it's so serene and magical.

  6. I love the hummers. Great idea using the webcam! Lots less risky than flying a drone in an urban area.

  7. The hummers are so much for to watch. We never got as many coming around this year. Love the Northern lights...I've never seen them in person. What a beautiful post my friend!

  8. The northern lights are beautiful!!!

  9. I haven’t seen the Northern Lights like that for years. Great captures. Love the hummers and the sunset sky is incredible!

  10. Wow! On my bucket list, but not sure I will ever get to see those lights. Lovely photos shared today- thank you1

  11. I have the app on my iPad & iPhone that dings when the Northern Lights may be visible within the hour in my location. I would need to drive to a close by location to see them. Sometimes I just look out my window and other times I just roll over and go back to sleep. When I first moved to Calgary and had no idea about the Northern Lights, one night I woke for whatever reason and looked out the window and saw green movement in the sky. I had no idea what I was seeing until the next day people were reporting seeing the Northern Lights that night.

    The sunrises and sunsets have been gorgeous this past little while! Your captures of those are beautiful!

  12. I got to see northern lights during our travels in Sweden and it was just an amazing feeling. Richard's photos are gorgeous, I am so glad you were able to share them with us. I specially love the last sunset photo. However did you manage such an perfectly symmetrical photo of the hummers?!! It is always so good to visit John's Island!


  13. I love it John! Thanks for this beautiful blog. What a sunset.

  14. Your friend's photos of the Northern Lights are absolutely stunning.
    WOW! That sunset is something else!

    Happy Thanksgiving, John.

  15. Beautiful photographs of the Northern Lights.
    Lovely sunset and a nice shot of the hummers feeding at sunset.

    Wishing you happy days ahead.

    All the best Jan


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