Tuesday, November 28, 2023

November Skies

Unusually Dry November

November 16, 2023   4:26PM
My view is looking west from Seattle,
across Puget Sound, to Bainbridge Island,
and, in the distance, the Olympic Mountains.

November 24  5:07PM
In the view is Elliott Bay Marina,
where more than 1000 sailboats are moored.

November 24  3:18PM
In this view a cross-Sound ferry crosses
the sun's reflection.

Space Needle Webcam
November 24 early morning screenshot

Note - November 28:  The last 6 days have been exceptionally unusual for Seattle. We've had 6 days of mostly sunny skies, dry and cool. This is only the 3rd time this kind of weather has occurred, for this time in November, since official records started in 1870.

I know ... it's not a sky photo. 😊
But, I just had to include it.
While on one of my walks, I spotted this leaf.
It impressed me that the leaf was still attached to
its "petiole" ... I didn't even know what to call it
until I got home and Googled it.
Have you ever seen a petiole that long?  😊


  1. Dryer Nov and fewer clouds give you some interesting skies.

  2. These are certainly a change from the damp scenery I usually associate with Seattle! It's lovely. And now I know what a petiole is, tx!

  3. Hello, John
    Your sky images and views are beautiful. The first and third images are my favorites. Neat capture from the Space Needle. The leaf is pretty, does the length depend on the tree species? Take care, have a great day!

  4. Your cool, dry days with sunny skies have afforded the opportunity to capture beautiful photos but atmospheric vistas, especially of the ocean kind, can be just as gorgeous! I have never paid attention to a "petiole" only the size and colour of a leaf!

  5. Love those skies! Wish we had that lovely weather. The wind and rain here are so discouraging.

    It’s a long time since I heard the word petiole. It’s not something used in everyday language. Well done!

  6. That second sky is pretty dramatic looking.
    Petiole is a new word for me. I don't think I've ever noticed how long the petiole is on a fallen leaf. I'll take a look.

  7. Hello John :=)
    Thank you for your lovely unexpected last visit. Your sky shots are always beautiful, I particularly like the 1st and 3rd images and the Space Needle Webcam view. The leaf has a long stem, or petiole, not a word I have heard before. I have never seen one that long. and can't think of a reason why it should be. We are having rainy days and it's colder than usual over here, but the weather forecast is better weather for next week
    All the best

  8. Hello again John:=)
    In my previous comment I made the mistake of writing stem instead of stalk, at least I think it can be called a stalk, but it was good that you discovered the scientific name.:=)

  9. Looks like beautiful skies are accompanying your weird weather!

  10. Thank you for sharing these lovely skies.
    That leaf is such an amazing colour, I'm now going to google petiole :)

    Have a happy new month of December.

    All the best Jan

  11. I googled petiole!
    You live and learn new things and words every day.
    Thank you.

    All the best Jan

  12. Bellas imagenes. Te enamoran. T emanod un beso.

  13. Your sky shots are gorgeous, John.
    Petiole is a new word for me.

    Happy Saturday!

  14. unusual word seems to stick with weather since few past years dear John
    but i hope sunny skies might delivered joy to many hearts as i love sun and how it makes the sky shiny :)
    gorgeous sunset as always
    we are experiencing very mild winters since some years and no need to warm clothing which surprise enough
    such shape of leaf look pretty and fascinating to me .not familiar wit word actually
    health ,peace and happiness to you and family!


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