Friday, November 24, 2023

Western Adventure - 97 Years Ago

Riding the Ridge of the Rockies - 1926

Click on images for larger view.


  1. It would be fascinating to see the area today for comparison.

  2. Wow, John, that's a long time ago. My father wasn't even born yet back then.

  3. I often think I would like to transport in time for a bit. I love these images.

  4. What a great collection of old photos. Nowadays we just speed through it in our wheeled boxes. I had to think of Yellowstone when I saw the first image, and I wasn't completely mistaken.

  5. A long time ago, things sure have changed.
    Interesting to see the old photos.

  6. You do have some interesting collections, John. Thank you for this look back.

  7. Hi John, so nice to visit, it's been awhile. I love learning American history through your story telling and photos. Great post!

  8. Wow! That was a long time ago.
    Many thanks for all the images.

    All the best Jan

  9. Funny how all this happened not too long before we were born.

  10. Hello John,
    What a great old brochure. I like seeing the photos. People now would love to experience one of these rides and camping adventures. My niece and her family take a week long vacation at a dude ranch, to do similar activities. Take care, have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Those photos from way back are fantastic. You've got quite the collection there, John. 👍👍
    Happy Sunday!

  12. what a nice collection of old cards dear John
    your love for postcards is amazing and these bring us glimpses of time totally would have remained unknown otherwise :)
    heartfelt happy thanksgiving friend to you and loved ones once again ! i am grateful to have you as kind blog friend indeed!

  13. Hello John :=)
    It takes me a while to visit now that I visit less, but is always a pleasure to do so. I loved seeing all these old photos of how it used to be. I enjoyed the enlarged pictures of the homesteads, the people, ,and the magnificent scenery, however even the enlarged print was too small for my diminished eyesight, but it in no way diminished the
    quality and interest of the pictures. Thank you for sharing more of your vintage collection of historic photos.
    Best Wishes


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