Monday, October 27, 2014

Off The Grid

No, we're not going off the grid. But recently we were in the great state of Montana [aka The Treasure State] and saw a place that IS off the grid. We had to stop and take a photo ... take a look ...

Yes, that spec in the center is someone's home. No power lines to this place. Closer look at the home below ...

As it happens we know the folks who live here and have actually been in the home. It's a wonderful, cozy place. There are absolutely no worries about a neighbor turning up their stereo too loud! We think this is a pretty neat idea but just not sure we are ready for this degree of isolation. In the top photo you can see an irrigation channel running across the foreground but what's harder to make out is the Madison River running right across the center. For a fly-fishing enthusiast this is paradise.

Running across the first photo above you will see a fence line. We suspect it's probably along the property line of a ranch where cattle are grazed during parts of the year.

So, we wonder ... How about you? Would you consider/enjoy living Off The Grid?

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  1. John, living off the grid would not appeal to me. I can put up with noisy neighbors, barking dogs, etc., and still love the people around me.

  2. Nope. I would SO miss my gadgets. I'm rather addicted to having electricity. :-)

  3. I am definitely not one who can live in isolation though wouldn't mind being off the grid if it wasn't so hard to get there and into civilization, lol. I also would need a place with lots of trees and at least a little river or brook close by.

  4. No afraid not. That is a bit too isolated for me. I'm liking my small town of 300 and some people.

  5. Sometimes,I feel the need for some solitude,but that would be WAY too much solitude for this old soul.

  6. This is way too isolated for me but they are life and everything has a reason.


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