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Saturday, June 28, 2014

112 Years Ago Today

June 28th, 1902, 8:00 am, Mary Boltwood is scheduled to start her tour of Yellowstone National Park. Before departure she took a moment to pen a postcard to Miss Alyce Twamley in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and sometime during the day, dropped the card in a mailbox.  It is postmarked June 28, 1902, 6 PM, Yellowstone National Park.

One day earlier, Mary wrote a short note on a similar card to Mr. Fred Twamley advising that she was at Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel on the north edge of the Park. She says they have seen hot water and steam vents, but no geysers as yet.

These early postcards were produced by Haynes Studio. F. J. Haynes was the "Official" Photographer for the Park.
Produced by Haynes
Thanks for stopping by John's Island for a glance back 112 years.

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  1. That was a fun trip in the time machine, John. :-)