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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Big Man

Image of "Big Man" Copyrighted 1903, F. A. Rinehart, Omaha, Nebraska.  Card mailed September 10, 1905, Yellowstone Park, Wyoming.  One cent postage applied upside down.  Mailed to Oxford, PA.  Note on the card:  "This is my Western Friend. --- LEW"

This may be a fairly rare image given that it does not appear in the first few hundred results in a Google Images search "Big Man Native American".

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  1. Interesting picture indeed. I looked at that handwriting and realized that in a few years, it will be unreadable by those who will not be able to understand script.

  2. I'll bet it was Miss Alexander's boyfriend that sent the card. You know when you send a card to a single lady or man with the stamp upside down it means, I love you.

  3. Another beautiful post card. My you have got a great collection :-)