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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wylie Way to Yellowstone

Put yourself back, just for a moment, to around 1900. These were the days before cars and jets. How are you going to visit America's first National Park, the place people are calling "wonderland"? Perhaps someone might send you this little postcard fold-out about touring the Park the "Wylie Way".  You would probably arrive at the Park's edge via railroad and then board one of the Wylie horse-drawn coaches to see Yellowstone up close. For most, this would be the trip of a lifetime.

Wylie Way
Postcard Fold-out
22 total views
(11 front and back)

Front Cover
The postcard folder was ready to be mailed.
This one was not.

Back Cover
Drawing of scene at Top of Mt Washburn
Note the attire of visitors!
We are tempted to show you all 22 postcard views in the folder, but many of them are similar to vintage postcards we've shown you before.  Here are a few of the unusual views ...

Fishing Cone
Famous because a fisherman standing on the cone
could swing one way to catch a fresh fish in
Yellowstone Lake and then swing the other way
to cook the fish in the boiling water in the cone.
(Still there today but you can't fish from it!)

Bears Feeding on Wylie Camp Garbage
There is no feeding of bears in YNP today.
It must have been fun to watch.

Petrified Trees
Still there today, of course, but not highlighted so much
because people vandalized the area trying to take
home souvenirs

View after just entering the Park at West Entrance
Back in these days it was called Christmas Tree Park
(Probably multiple reasons they quit calling it
Not a part of the folder, but a separate postcard showing a Wylie Coach ...

A Wylie Coach
by W S Berry
(Berry Postcard #61)

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  1. Wow! When you think how far we have come in just one century, it boggles the mind. Thanks for sharing these, John. Gave me a lot to think about. :-)

  2. I always like to see these peeks into history. Interesting about the fishing cone!