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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Typical Montana Scene

Old postcard, mailed in 1918, showing Grain Fields and Snow Capped Mountains, A Typical Montana Scene. Back in those days, before Facebook and Twitter, there was a more relaxed way of exchanging photos and information by trading postcards.  In this particular case, a Mr. Preston Sawyer, of Santa Cruz, California, must have sent a card to W. W. Elliott, of Helena, Montana. That card must have featured a pretty view of the giant redwood trees. In appreciation, Elliott is sending this card of Montana scenes and says he will also send a copy of a newspaper, the Montana Record Herald.

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  1. Not only was it sent on a postcard, but he typed it in with his typewriter. Reminded me that I once, long ago, used a manual with hard-to-punch keys! :-)

  2. My how things have changed! This postcard from your collection is in such good condition. Fascinating! Oh my, the postage is only 2¢. Trading postcards sounds like a wonderful way to connect. It's always a pleasure to see momentos from your collection, John!