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Saturday, June 14, 2014

New North Coast Limited - 1932

You may ask:  Why would John have this old postcard in his collection?  Well, to put it as nicely as we can, he is a rail enthusiast. He loves trains, especially the vintage passenger trains that served the USA prior to the advent of AMTRAK. Among all those trains, the Northern Pacific's North Coast Limited served travelers between Seattle and Chicago. This vintage card depicts the steam powered locomotive racing through the scenic Rocky Mountains of Montana. The back of the card describes it this way:  "Companion of Mountains - For more than a thousand miles the majestic grandeur of  Rockies and Cascades accompanies the New North Coast Limited between Chicago and the Northern Pacific Coast."

The card was mailed on July 25, 1932.

Front and back covers of a advertising brochure for the North Coast Limited unfold into a panorama of the observation car at the end of the train. Note the passenger sitting outside on the rear platform.

Inside the brochure, the first page introduces the Pacific Northwest and NCL service.

A couple of small brochures from the mid 1920s

The Northern Pacific dining car service was proud of its "Great Big Baked Potato." The image below is from an ink blotter.  Models of this were made and kept in the dining cars.  Finding one of those models today is a real prize for serious collectors.

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  1. If you ever get to Colorado, you need to ride the Silverton to Durango train. It was a wonderful experience. I'd love to have been able to ride this one, too. Thanks, John, for the information. :-)

  2. Another wonderful collection of photos!