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Friday, June 13, 2014

Western Bachelor's Home

Now don't jump to any conclusions. We are not sure if this gentleman is still available. But apparently he was there in 1908.  This vintage postcard features "A Western Bachelor's Home - Wife Wanted". The card was sent by "Olive" to Miss M. Williams.  Olive says, "My home is like this only worse." She finishes up, "Will you send me Herbert's address."  We do not know if that is Herbert standing in front of his home!

We were amused to find another card, same home (Herbert again?), including a little poem about Old Montana. We hope you have time to read the poem. This card was not mailed but is well worn, like someone carried it around with them for years.

Back of the Old Montana card.
In the Stamp box:
For United States
and Island Possessions
Cuba, Canada and
For foreign.
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  1. I would pass on that offer.Not quite the kind of place I want to call home.LOL

  2. This is a great look into what it was like for many when NA was first being settled. How precious to read the words of one possible mail order bride.