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Monday, June 2, 2014

Vintage Yellowstone Postcards - Set 1

We got several nice comments about the photochroms of Yellowstone we shared in earlier posts.  In another part of our collection we have some antique, or vintage, postcards featuring various parts of Yellowstone. Postcard enthusiasts can really get into the YNP cards since there were so many produced starting over 100 years ago. Although it is possible to specialize by publisher, time, design, etc., this week we are going to share a few each day and they are all sort of a mixed bag from the collection.  Be sure to click on the image to enjoy the larger size. Here are 9 to get started and we'll call them Set 1. 

Rustic Falls

Grand Canyon from Artist's Point

Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel

The Sponge - Upper Geyser Basin

Devil's Ink Stand

Bridge on Shoshone Canyon

Thumb Paint Pots

Hayward Cabins, West Yellowstone

Keppler Cascades
Stop by for more tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by John's Island.

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  1. Beautiful. That area was lovely back then and is till just as lovely.