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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dear Yellowstone Visitor

Railroad Offered Gift for Names

Before the days of AMTRAK, many railroad companies provided travel service and one of the more famous lines in the Pacific Northwest was Northern Pacific Railroad.  Those railroads tried everything they could think of to drum up business, just as companies do today.  John enjoys collecting vintage railroad memorabilia.  Here is an example.  In an unknown (for sure) year, but probably 1925, if you had been to Yellowstone Park the previous year via the railroad, you might have received a card like this.  Here is what it says:

Dear Yellowstone Visitor:

Since your trip to Yellowstone National Park, no doubt you have talked with friends whom you conscientiously believe to be warm prospects for Yellowstone this summer.

If you are willing to send me their names, I'll mail you a 30 x 40 eight-color poster of Thomas Moran's famous painting, GRAND CANYON OF THE YELLOWSTONE.

E E Nelson
Passenger Traffic Manager

The card was sent to Miss S Felders, 3941 Jara Ave, St Louis, Mo.  It looks like Miss Felders wrote back to Mr. Nelson on  May 20th, judging by the note in the lower left, sending him some names and hoping for the poster.

Front of the card to Miss Felders from the Northern Pacific Railroad ...

Now, the interesting thing today:  If Miss Felder received the poster and took good care of it, it could be quite valuable.  Check out this link to a poster seller suggesting the value is in the neighborhood of $1200 to $1800.  

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