Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Birds and Flowers -- First Day Issues [Part 3]

From our collection ... More birds and flowers ... First Day Issues ... Please be sure to see the introduction, information about artists, and stamps, in our March 1, 2015, post. As you have noticed, we are posting the 50 States in alphabetical order, so if you've missed a state you want to see, please check the earlier posts.

Connecticut ...

Deleware ...

Florida ...

Thank you for so many kind comments on this series. We love birds and flowers so these images are some of our favorites as well.

Answering your questions:  Several of you asked about our move and if we would move back when the remodel is complete. The answer depends on several things that are all uncertain at this time ... How much the changes will affect the style of the space ... How much the leasing rates will increase ... And, how much we recuperate from the move last week to be ready for another one in 18 to 24 months! : - )

Thank you for stopping by John's Island.


  1. I didn't realize that there are any states that actually have a chicken as the state bird, as they do in Delaware! I suspect I'll be learning quite a bit more with this series, John. Thanks! :-)

  2. Yes John, I would also think twice before moving again :)
    These are all so beautiful, but my favourite is Florida :))
    Have a fine day, and take your needed rest :)

  3. sorry you had to move! that's exhausting!

  4. Another bunch of lovely postcards. I hope to see some Robins around here one day again. : )

  5. Moving is never easy, John, I hope everything goes well for you. This series is beautiful!

  6. I wish robins hung around here, but they just pass through.

  7. I can see why these would be a collector's series. It takes a little research to learn about these and then find them.

  8. Very nice first day covers! Love the birds and flowers. We collect stamps, and I've always thought the first day covers are interesting, but we've never bought any.

  9. I love the birds and flowers too. Wonderful series! Have a happy day!

  10. I didn't expect to see a chicken here... Delaware, you go! I love your series, John!

  11. "...And, how much we recuperate from the move last week to be ready for another one in 18 to 24 months!"

    Moving is tough. They say it's one of the biggest stressors a person experiences. Hope it all went well for you!

    Loving all these beautiful bird pictures.

    Take Care,


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