Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hootin' Anni's Challenge

Blogging friend Anni set out a challenge and John will give it shot. The challenge:  Find and photograph your first name initial in a 'natural state' and share ...

Here's a screen snap of Anni's challenge with the details and her photo of "A" for Anni! See this for yourself on Anni's blog here.

Ok, here's as close as we can get from our archives ... Is the purple bloom forming a "j" for John? Close enough? Have to get a reading on this from Anni.

Now, here's one more, but this one doesn't follow all the rules ... Not a photograph John took but one of his old postcards ... River bend forming a J ... well, sort of! :-) For those of you who must know, this photo is of the Clark Fork River at Bearmouth, Montana. The photo is pre-Interstate highway, so probably 1950s judging by the car on the highway.

So, what do you think, Anni?

Anni is recovering from a heart attack earlier this month. We wish her the best!

Thank you for stopping by John's Island.


  1. I haven't been as successful as you, even. But I'm still looking. :-)

  2. John, I forgot all about this challenge, actually. And 'L' shouldn't be that hard to find, right?

  3. Great finds, John :)
    My "K" is a bit harder I guess :))
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  4. It gives all the photographers a challenge. It ups their game.

  5. You did well from your archives John! So glad you are enjoying my "trip" to Kenya.

  6. They are BOTH awesome John!! Well done...I applaud you.

  7. Nicely done! I can't find an, "M"!

  8. Excellent finds! I really like both Js!

  9. What great shots.

  10. I think you did well ... you have to take those J's where you can find them. I am guessing Annie will give you a thumbs up on these ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  11. Cracking pictures of J's, and really nice pictures.:)


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