Friday, March 13, 2015

Birds and Flowers [Part 9] AND Around the Hood

From our collection ... More birds and flowers ... First Day Issues ... Please be sure to see the introduction, information about artists, and stamps, in our March 1, 2015, post. As you have noticed, we are posting the 50 States in alphabetical order, so if you've missed a state you want to see, please check the earlier posts.

Missouri ...

Montana ...

Nebraska ...

Have any favorites so far in the 50 States Birds and Flowers?

Around the Hood ...

Went for a walk in the new hood and snapped some spring-like delights ...

Tulip tree

Iris in the wild
(well, more or less wild)


Are those little dots the seeds?

First Drone Sighting ...

At Kerry Park ... something buzzing in the sky

Is it taking my photo?

The pilot operating his brand new drone.

Have you seen a drone in action yet?

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  1. So far I think Louisiana is my favorite state bird and flower, but don't ask me to justify it. And wow, those flowers around your neighborhood are so beautiful. Cool drone shots, too! :-)

  2. I wonder what the drone is capturing in it's fly over? Nice flowers and postcards.

  3. Missouri is my favourite in this post, because
    it is so nice and colourful :)
    About all of them together I haven't made up
    my mind yet :))
    Love your spring pictures, and yes, the dots
    on the fern are the seeds.
    Haven't seen a drone in action personal yet,
    just on the internet, an artist who drew huge
    pictures in the sand of the beach used it to
    take pictures of his art :D
    Wish you a wonderful weekend!

  4. I've loved every state...couldn't pick a fav. Loved your shots. That was a beautiful sky. I've always had overcast when I've been there. :)

  5. loved the states, again. :) have not seen a drone in action. i think we're going to get a lot more of that stuff, though.

  6. Gorgeous flower shots! And a drone. Awesome.

  7. Seeing a drone for the first time! Amazing to think what all it can capture.

  8. Hi John, the postcards are lovely. Your photos are gorgeous and magical. I have not seen a drone as yet but they fascinate me. I have seen things that they have captured but never the drone itself.

  9. Hi John,
    Lovely photos of the Emerald City and the stamps!
    I don't collect stamps, but I do love looking at them and using them for writing letters, by choosing a stamp that the recipient is likely to relish.
    I have seen'em drones around here too - they have GPS guidance now.
    Have a Beautiful Day!
    Peace :)

  10. The tulip tree is gorgeous! It is so nice to see flowers again; they should be coming up in my neck of the woods soon, and I'm really looking forward to their appearance. That's a very pretty iris as well--I used very similar ones as center pieces for my high school graduation, so it brings back fond memories.

    The Eastern Bluebird has to be one of the most beautifully colored birds around. I saw one a few years back, but mostly we just have the blue jays.

    Great shots of the drone. It is interesting to see how technology is developing in that area. I've heard that they are just starting to be used to deliver orders. It will be quite the day when people will be able to do their grocery shopping online and have everything delivered--if it ever does come to that. I think I'd still enjoy old-fashioned grocery shopping, but it might be a good idea for very busy people.

  11. Way to hard to pick a favorite. : )
    Love to see those blooming spring flowers. Sure hope we get some around here soon.
    Yes, I have seen a drone flying around - it was last year. It seemed to be following me as I walked down the street.

  12. Such a great collection of photos. It is windfall to see the Iris,even if only in a photo.I love Irises.

  13. I like Montana's card today.

    I haven't seen a drone sighting yet. But I have seen a cool travel video or two on youtube where the poster used a drone to take the film. They came out awesome. Now you can take fly over photos just like the pros. I didn't even realize that is how it was being done until recently. I don't think I'd like a drone following me though. There is no way to stop someone from taking your picture with these things. At least when you see someone with a camera, you can duck out of their photo, lol. I am not too photogenic.

  14. More votes for my meadowlark as the state bird!

  15. What an absolutely cool collection of first day issues. WOW!!

  16. Beautiful tulpen tree. We have them also here but they are not blooming yet.


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