Friday, March 20, 2015

Welcome to Spring

From our collection of old postcards, our traditional first-day-of-Spring post ...

Artwork by St. John (no, not this John, ha ha)
Early 1900s

The back.
This card is one of a series of four to
celebrate each of the seasons.

March skies ... Sunset on St Patrick's Day ...

Ever have a sunset that keeps calling you back for more photos?  This was one ...

Linking up today with Skywatch Friday -- Recommended site for sky photos. Thanks to the Skywatch hosts!

In Port This Week ... The Golden Daisy

In our new location we are not too far from the Port of Seattle's Grain Terminal 86. Grain trains from the mid-west bring grain to this facility where it is passed on to ships for delivery to Asian countries. The ship you see here, the Golden Daisy, is called a "bulk carrier" ... it takes about 1 day to load the ship which is rated for about 15,000 tons. If you are really interested in Ocean Shipping, like John is, you can follow Golden Daisy's trip to its destination in Shanghai, China, on a website called 

Thank you for stopping by John's Island. 


  1. It is beyond belief how they keep these afloat with so much weight. Beautiful sunset, and I love the card.

  2. love the skies! and a very cute card!

  3. Wowza...very nice series of SkyWatch Friday shots. Nice job!
    JM, IL-U.S.A.

  4. There is so much beauty around us, if we just pause to see it.

  5. Beautiful sunset.
    Cute spring card. : )

  6. That's a cute card, John :)
    And I love that sunset, yes it was
    right to take more than one photo! :))
    I like ships, but not bulk carriers :D
    But I do love that RED :)))
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Happy Spring John.

    I love the clouds shots!

  8. Thanks for passing on the website about vessel finder.

  9. What fabulous sunset pictures, John. And I love that sweet card, so I wish you also a very Happy Spring! Are you close enough to see the ships being loaded? Whatever, I'm glad you have a place you like so much after having to move. :-)

  10. Beautiful sunset skies.Have a great weekend.

  11. Sweet card, John, and your photos are magical! :)

  12. The stamp and the photos... Loved them all!

  13. Beautiful sunset, John! I always take a good sunset - it's such a fine ending to the day.

  14. Sunset is beautful! And what a sweet postcard. Lovely one!

    My new Englisch !!! ( a bit) blog.

  15. Sorry, here is the link:


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