Monday, March 9, 2015

Birds and Flowers -- First Day Issues [Part 6]

From our collection ... More birds and flowers ... First Day Issues ... Please be sure to see the introduction, information about artists, and stamps, in our March 1, 2015, post. As you have noticed, we are posting the 50 States in alphabetical order, so if you've missed a state you want to see, please check the earlier posts.

Kansas ...

Kansas -- Western Meadowlark and Sunflower

Such a different stamp ...

Kentucky ...

Kentucky -- Cardinal and Goldenrod

Louisiana ...

Louisiana -- Brown Pelican and Magnolia

Thank you for stopping by John's Island.


  1. My favorite of these would be Kansas--love the sunny colors!

  2. How different these all are from each other. I love the pelican and the magnolia, what an interesting state Louisiana must be! :-)

  3. Another cardinal state - Kentucky. I love the meadowlark with the sunflower, all yellow.

  4. Those stamps are so pretty. I'm glad you're sharing this collection. Kudos

  5. Hello John, wonderful collection of cards and birds. The Meadowlark is one of my favorites. But, I also love the Cardinal and Pelican.. Thanks for sharing, have a great Monday!

  6. My favourite this time is Louisiana - it looks very
    different from the others :))
    Have a fine day

  7. louisiana is great. i'm surprised kansas has the western meadowlark as we only get eastern in texas. :)

  8. My goodness, these and the other birds and flower serious are so my favourite. Thank you for sharing them x

  9. So nice. I've always been partial to seeing the red cardinal. Have a wonderful day!

  10. It is so nice to see all the state birds. Seems like a lot of the states have claimed the cardinal as their state bird.
    Lovely photos.

  11. These are all beautiful, John, and my favourite is Kentucky. :)

  12. So pretty and colourful!

  13. Beautiful and interesting. So: I learn the names of the states of your country through you postcards ...

    1. and ... have you really seen such a red bird? I NEVER.


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