Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Lady had a Baby [circa 1945]

From our collection, a vintage war-time advertisement ... The Lady had a Baby ...

To make a long story short, a travelling tycoon has the reservation for a lower berth in a sleeping car. When he finds out the berth above (harder to get into and less convenient) is taken by a lady with a baby ... Well, he gives up his convenient berth to the lady and gains the respect of many of his fellow travellers. We wonder ... Does this kind of courtesy still exist in travel?  :-)

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  1. What surprises me is that both genders were in one sleeping car. I wonder how they managed it. And I certainly wouldn't have wanted to be responsible for the baby falling! Interesting, John. :-)

  2. John, DJan had the same questions in my mind about the dual gender sleeping car and the baby in the top bunk...although I guess the mama could be sleeping on the outside. Besides, who can sleep well on a train? We traveled to California on a train, and our top bunk was so close to the top of the train car, that neither of us wanted to sleep there. So we slept in the chairs...."slept" is not the word!

  3. It is very nice of the man to give up his lower berth! I can not sleep in anything that is moving! Have a happy day!

  4. Great story--and I may be biased, but very nice illustration. Good to see the lady and her baby's hair color in print!

  5. hmmm. he looks rather scowly, that tycoon.

  6. Kindness I suppose. The face does look stern.

    You never know a cover of a book till one reads it.

    Would it happen to-day?
    I suppose if the lady or young women was a looker or the guy had feelings for a Mom and a child being uncomfortable on a top bunker to go lower. You never know. Eileen is right. I was on a train and at night it was the most sickening experience. The train was so fast. It was a wonder we never crashed. I held on to the side of the rail of my bed. Hubby and I had ordered a large suite but someone
    never booked wrong. So hubby and I had to be separated. Terrible experience for my first train trip to Halifax, Ont, Canada.

  7. Those were those days...
    Today it's very different, nobody
    gives up a good spot to please
    somebody else.
    Love the illustration :)
    Have a fine day, John!

  8. I love anything from this era, John....magazines, music, postcards, style, etc. I love this!!!

  9. The pessimist in me says , "Probably not."

  10. That kind of gesture might be hard to find these days.

  11. A lovely gesture and I hope it would be replicated in this day and age.

  12. The unofficial State slogan here is "Minnesota Nice." I hope it's true all over...

  13. I came back to tell you about my brother-in-law's gesture as I remembered it today. As he travels overseas a lot he often rides in business class where as we know it is a lot more comfortable than in the back of the plane. One day he saw a group of soldiers going home and exchanged his seat with one of them. He started the ball rolling when several others did the same thing. He still does this if he sees a service man or woman on their way home from overseas.

  14. I think whether the gesture would be repeated today is hit or miss. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised by the chivalry or kindnesses on public transport. Sometimes I am appalled by the lack of manners and courtesy.

    On a side note, I thought the lady in the post card looked like a younger Maureen O'Hara (actress).


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