Thursday, April 9, 2015

Fences - Skies - Trains - Planes

Good Fences ...

Could this fence also be a good Sundial?

We like the ornaments on posts.

Fitting for city-slicker fence.

Fence or wall?

Linking up today with Good Fences.  Thanks Tex!

Good Skies ...

April 3rd - near Sunset
Seattle, Washington, USA

April 3rd again - later

April 6 - See the rain?
For perspective ... The dot in lower left is an auto ferry.
This is looking over Puget Sound to the west.

April 6 Sunset
Olympic Mountains

April 7 Sunset

April 8 - Afternoon sun on Puget Sound
Linking up with Skywatch Friday  Thanks to the Skywatch hosts!

On Track ...

Planes riding trains?

Enroute Boeing Factory

For Railfans ... Nothing but Power

Power Headquarters Pacific Northwest Region
Balmer Yard - Seattle

Over 100 car Container Train heading
into Seattle.
Space Needle on the left.

Thank you for stopping by John's Island.


  1. Good Morning, John. wonderful collection of fences..My favorites are the first two.. I love the shadow capture.. And your sky shots are beautiful, pretty reflections and colors. Cool shots of the trains & planes.. Have a happy day!

  2. Looks like the weather has been very nice, perfect for getting out and about with your camera. Hmmm. I wonder if you could tell the time accurately by the shadows that fence casts!

  3. WOW! What a wonderfully full post. Love all the variety of fneces beautiful skies and wonderful trains.

  4. Great fences, skies and trains.

  5. Nice fences, but wow, love the train and fuselage photos. That's sure something I don't see every day! Gorgeous skies! You gave us a lot to look at and it was all beautiful!

  6. A great selection of photos John. Interesting to see the plane on the train.

  7. Great fences and I love the finial on the one. Beautiful sky photos too and the trains and tracks with the plane are so interesting.
    Have a great day.

  8. I like the shadows from the first photo. Yes, it could be a sundial. Thanks for all your wonderful pics! Enjoy your day

  9. What an abundance of pictures! I enjoyed them all, the fences and the skies especially. I was amazed at the one with the ferry on the left. Just a beautiful sky. :-)

  10. Gorgeous shots of the sky and fence.

  11. now 'good skies Thursday' I can get behind. Beautiful shots.

  12. a great array for each subject! love it! thanks, john!

  13. As always, I enjoyed your great photos...
    and I've always loved planes and trains....

  14. Wonderful shots, John! I love the shadow of the fence in the first picture - NICE! The plane on the train - very cool images! I have never seen that, you got quite the shot!

  15. Very good fences John. Skies very beautiful and the trains superb.

  16. Very nice collection of photos. Like all the different colors of the cars on the container train.

  17. Interesting fences, awesome clouds and cool train shots! Great post.

  18. Love the fences and the beautiful skies! I had never seen an airplane fuselage on a train bed before! How interesting! A real first for me. Great post!

  19. Great fence pictures, but I loved the other ones as well...good job for this Thursday.

  20. Wonderful selection of photos for the different Memes.
    Both fences were great. It's fun to see the shadows that fences make. I like the fence post topper to, reminds me of a little pineapple.
    Some gorgeous skies, really cool to see the one with the rain coming down.
    Also very neat to see a "plane on a train."

  21. Great fince shots. You caught some really great shadow in the first photo.

  22. April 6 with the rain is my favorite shot! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos! And thanks for commending my A-Z posts thus far!

  23. John,these pictures are all wonderful. You know I love the skies at any time and these are gorgeous.Planes on trains,now that is an unusual sight.

  24. Of the fences I like the wallfence best
    because of all that beautiful lichen :))
    Have a great day

  25. This is such a neat series of photos John, I enjoyed looking at every one of them.

  26. Very beautiful photos John! I like those fences too! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  27. Wow, John, your photos are gorgeous! I just wanted to share something with you that I only found is the link, they are looking for beautiful photos. I think yours definitely fit the bill. :)

  28. Love the wall fence! It looks like it has been doing service for a good many years. And thanks for all those lovely cloud and water shots.

  29. You found a great selection of fences! The sky shots are gorgeous and do love seeing the trains.

  30. Breathtaking pictures...
    Particularly liked 1st and 4th.. All the sky snaps...
    thanks for sharing...

  31. Beautiful photos. I like the old wall on photo 4

  32. Lovely shots of the Puget Sound. It's been so long since I've been to Seattle. Beautiful city!

  33. Of the fences I like the last one best,
    it's nice and rustic looking.
    Of the skies I like the second one,
    I had something similar here yesterday.
    And I like the trains, very powerful
    pictures :-)

    Tinna ✐

  34. You're right, that fence could be a sundial:)I love trains! But they're not all on your island, or?

  35. Planes riding trains... how cool is that!!

  36. Super set of fence shots- the plane on the train was COOL to see. I always like to see the storm clouds way off in the distance and I hope they go the other way if they are big and bad ones. Have a great weekend!

  37. Awesome fences and skies in your post today. I see you also managed to fit in your favourite subject - trains, Well done.


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