Friday, April 24, 2015

Recipe Week [P5] AND Smoky SkyWatch

Smoky SkyWatch earlier this week ...

Smoke from fires in Siberia, Russia, made it all the way across the Pacific Ocean and gave Seattle some unusual skies and sunsets around April 17 and 18, 2015.

Here is our photo of the western sky in late afternoon April 17 ... the only processing on this photo is to reduce the size ...

Looking West over the Olympic Mountains

Another photo of the same view taken on the afternoon of April 18 ...

Sunset on the 18th ...

You can read the whole story, see a satellite photo of the smoke, and more photos here. The story was posted online by one of our local TV/Radio News stations, KOMO.

Linking up today with Skywatch Friday  Thanks to the Skywatch hosts!

Continuing our Recipe Week ... For your Friday, how about Alaska Blueberry Muffins? ...

John thinks this one looks pretty easy ... How does it look to you?

Thank you for stopping by John's Island. Stop by again tomorrow for another postcard recipe. And be sure to stop by on Sunday for our favorite from this series of postcards.


  1. Beautiful photos, John, and this recipe looks like one I want to try! :)

  2. Good morning, John! Lovely skies and colors. And the blueberry muffins sound yummy.. Thanks for sharing the recipe.. Have a happy day and weekend ahead!

  3. i've been bad, not visiting this week...but I'm kind of meh over recipes :) ...but those sky shots...oh. Beautiful. Happy Friday to ya.

  4. I had already learned about the Siberia smoke making it all the way over here, but it sure did make for some nice sunsets. I would double the amount of blueberries and reduce the amount of milk, but yeah, this one looks good! :-)

  5. Amazing skies, and who would have known how much a fire from so far away could cause them. I do remember when we lived in San Diego that the sky was yellow and specks of ash fell after Mount St. Helens many years ago. I enjoyed the recipe again. Lovely post, thanks John.

  6. makes my mouth water. interesting how smoke can travel like that. sometimes here in NE Texas, our air is filled with smoke from mexico when the farmers there burn off their fields.

  7. Just linked my sunrise to skywatch and I found out that your photo looks very similar to mine. Although you are in the USA and I am in Germany. Amazing :-D

  8. Fantastic sky, interesting story about the smoke. Why does it burn there in Russia? I ask by myself ...
    The recipe is easy but in this time of the year we get no fresh blueberries.

    Cheers, Heidrun

  9. The second sunset photo is superb!

    I like blueberry muffins. Yum! Yum!!

    Have a nice weekend too John! Could you please send me your address through email kristina dot maano at gmail dot com, I'd like to send you a postcard from Stockholm. I am on my way there now on a train from Gothenburg. Training for the new job, hopefully the next one will be in Seattle very soon!

  10. Only the skies can look this majestic and stunning. Great Friday, John!

  11. Your skies are just beautiful, especially the smokey ones :)
    And I would love to try that recipe, but here I can't get hands
    on blueberries...
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Tinna ✐

  12. Gorgeous sunsets!!
    Yes, those muffins do look easy AND delicious too. : )

  13. The smoke did make for some very beautiful sky shots!

  14. Satellite shots showed this area of smoke on the west coast. Cool how satellites can pick up stuff like this.

  15. The sky scenes are lovely. I know it's not possible,but you really need to make all these recipes and have all the bloggers over for a taste test. :)

  16. Interesting Sky Watch post, nice images indeed, and a good recipe!

  17. Gorgeous shots of the sky.

  18. Oh no! That's horrible. Hope they are able to recover in Siberia. That is a huge area.

    Makes you realize just how small our world really is.


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