Monday, April 20, 2015

Recipe Week [P1] -- Big Bertha

This week, here on John's Island, we'll give you a postcard recipe each day.  Today is Big Bertha ...

"Really sticks to the ribs!"
Serves 6
Back of the card ...

Important:  All recipes this week look good to us but we can't say for sure how good they will turn out. John does not necessarily endorse these recipes! LOL. We have not tried all of them. In addition, we do not make any claims for healthful dishes. Just sharin' ... as they say. Some of these postcards are old ... we hope you can still find the "brand name" ingredients. 

Another recipe tomorrow.  Thank you for stopping by John's Island.  We will love to hear your comments and/or reviews if you prepare these dishes.


  1. Good Morning, John.. this recipe sounds yummy.. thanks for sharing the recipe card.. Have a great day!

  2. Sounds like it might be quite yummy, John. I think you should try this one. ;)

  3. Dear John,

    This sounds very tasty, and I so enjoy seeing recipes, especially vintage ones. Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  4. I've never heard of postcards with recipes.

  5. John, I actually have a roast cooking right now, and love a beef roast anytime. Not so sure about the Big Bertha. Very cheesy for sure!

  6. That looks very yummie to me, John! :))
    I love cheese! :))
    Looking forward to the next recipes!
    Have a beautiful day

    Tinna ✐

  7. We can't ALWAYS eat healthy. : ) Sounds good. This should be a fun week looking at the recipes. : )

  8. Looks appetizing :) have a great day dear John .

  9. well, that sounds good! funny how they named it big bertha. i'd just call it nachos!

  10. I like your disclaimer! That shoofly pie you posted today does not sound healthy--this dish would probably be a bit more nutritious (are Doritos nutritious? oh well, I try not to ask myself questions like that before I eat...)

  11. Did you try this recipe John? ;-)


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