Monday, April 6, 2015

Southern Pacific Sunset Route [1890s]

From our collection a little flyer to get you interested in a trip across country (and quite possibly one of the oldest travel brochures you've ever seen) ... the Southern Pacific Sunset Route ...

Unfolds into a little map illustration showing the trip from San Francisco to New Orleans ... or vice versa ...

Western part ...

Middle part ...

Eastern part ...

How much did it cost and how long did it take?

All the details ...

"To break the monotony of life is to live longer and better."  ....

Bevys of northern ladies on a shopping bent? Read on ...

"It is a grand journey, however, and is rich with memorable experiences." ...

The back cover ...

This little brochure is one of the oldest in our collection. How old is it? It's hard to say exactly, but let's put it this way:  When the only competition was a stage coach, and it took more than four and one-half days to go from New Orleans to San Francisco on the train, and cost $15 for a sleeper ... well, you get the idea.

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  1. What a cool travel brochure and a collector's item. That would be a cheap but long trip to make.. Thanks for sharing, have a happy day!

  2. thank goodness for historians like you :)

  3. The language is quaint, and I enjoyed reading it and thinking what it must have been like to be in that world. It was different then, but for just a few minutes I was transported. Thanks, John! :-)

  4. How nice to have a map of where you are going and when you are going to get there!

  5. Hello John, great work done again! :)
    That must be a very old one, they
    were not using many colours for the
    print. Just love it! And the prices, too ;)
    Have a great day, John!

  6. Great old brochure!

  7. wow. the part about the only competition puts it into perspective for me!

  8. Wonderful John! Lovely bit of history here and great postcards!

  9. I just love this...and from the 1890's!!! :)

  10. Those prices sound almost ridiculous,but back then people also earned a lot less than we do today.

  11. The language makes it all sound so grand!

  12. I like the fares. They had lots of details

  13. Oh wow! Now that's a trip I could afford...but money was worth so much more back then.

  14. Hi John, thank you very much for
    visiting and commenting on my blog.
    I have read a lot into the past here and
    I must say I do like the work you do
    here. You make sure these pieces
    of artwork last forever by putting them
    onto the internet.
    I like the work they did on this brochure,
    in those days they used to do it with
    love and not in a hurry like today.

    Tinna ✐

  15. What fun to see a brochure from times past. $15?? Yep, that was a while ago.

  16. What a cool piece of history, im loving the layout and font of this attractive brochure!

  17. San Francisco to New Orleans - I'm on that train! How lovely does this sound.

  18. Most interesting. My granddad worked for the N.P.......:)

  19. I love sunsets! I would definitely be envious with anyone who went down the Southern Pacific Sunset Route!

  20. Who would have that old map/card in their hands? Who would have dreamed of such a journey? It's very special. And know you, what for me is very special? Your comments on my blog! They encourage me. I wish you also a fine a weekend!

  21. I'd say the brochure dates between 1883 and 1892. There's no mention of the first Pecos River High Bridge. That feature certainly would have been mentioned if it were built.

    1. Hello Dennis, Thanks very much for stopping by and taking the time to leave me the comment. What you've suggested sounds correct! As much as I love railroad history, this is the first I've heard of the Pecos River High Bridge, and it's certainly something I should be aware of. An interesting article about it is at this link
      I wonder if you are interested in other railroad history and especially brochures and memorabilia? If I had an email for you I would write and thank you for leaving this comment. Not having that, I hope you will see this reply. Thanks again.


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