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Friday, August 15, 2014

Chief Wolf Robe -- Cheyenne Native American

From our collection, another antique postcard featuring Chief Wolf Robe, Cheyenne Native American.

Chief Wolf Robe
(click on image for enlargement)

Inside the image, in the lower left corner:  Copyright 1898, F. A. Rinehart, Omaha.

Outside the image: Copyrighted 1903, F. A. Rinehart, Omaha, Neb

Back of card -- very simple, unused
Thank you for stopping by John's Island.

Update regarding F. A. Rinehart

This is one of a series of old cards published by F. A. Rinehart that we have posted here on the blog.

Our previous posts ...

Big Man

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Regarding blogging about the old stuff in our collection:  We have found it fascinating what we can learn about items thanks to the World Wide Web and the search engines. This very postcard is a good example. We have been curious about F. A. Rinehart and have assumed him to be simply the publisher of the postcards. We then had a question from one of our followers about the medallion Wolf Robe is wearing in his portrait in this post. So, we did a search and found some very good information on Mr. Rinehart. He was an American artist famous for photos of Native Americans. He was a partner with famous Western photographer William Henry Jackson who was known for his imagery used to help convince Congress to create Yellowstone National Park.

You can read more about Rinehart here.

Update – Question Answered

We surely cannot say that John’s Island will be able to answer your questions. However, we’ve found one answer to a question asked by follower DJan.  She was curious about the medallion Wolf Robe is wearing in his portrait published by F. A. Rinehart on the postcard featured in this post. (We do believe that you can find just about anything on the World Wide Web with some careful searching.)  It turns out the medallion is an Indian Peace Medal. They were issued by the US Government as a token of peaceful relations between the Government and the Native American Indian Tribes. The one Wolf Robe is wearing is from about 1890 and featured an image of US President Benjamin Harrison on one side and some symbols of peaceful relations on the other.

More history from the US Mint website ...

"The United States Mint's presidential medals date back to the earliest days of the Republic. Medals were presented to American Indian chiefs and other important leaders at events like treaty signings.

Lewis and Clark, on their expedition to the Pacific coast between 1804 and 1806, carried a supply of these "Indian Peace Medals." They presented these medals, bearing the portrait of then-president Thomas Jefferson, to important chiefs. The peace medal tradition continued into the middle of that century.

The peace medal series became the Presidential medal series after President Andrew Johnson left office in 1869. The front of each medal continued to bear a portrait of the incumbent president."

Here is an image of the medallion (we believe) Wolf Robe is wearing ...


  1. I wonder about that medallion around his neck. Any ideas whose likeness it is?

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  5. Beautiful portrait John. All the Native American postcards are wonderful. The train ones too!