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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Old Postcards - Fritz Reiss - The Black Forest [5]

Art of Fritz Reiss featured on antique postcards ... Winter in the Black Forest.

Looks isolated. Sunset or rise?

Postmarked 8.1.13

Wonder how long this snow cover lasted?

Unused card back

This is the last post in this Series of 5 on the art of Fritz Reiss. Please check the archive for earlier posts.

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  1. More than a hundred years ago now, 8-1-13. Interesting pictures, very stark landscapes. :-)

  2. That snow cover is really heavy! I'm guessing it's a sunrise on a winter day.

  3. I couldn't quite make out what that was in the thumbnail on my list page. It's a house! So simple and beautiful. Postcards are a lost art.

  4. I agree with Sandi's comment. Postcards are a lost art.