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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Rain In The Face -- Sioux Native American

Rain In The Face -- Sioux
In today's post we are getting back to our collection of antique postcards. John really likes these old portraits of Native Americans. This one is Rain-In-The-Face, a member of the Sioux tribe. This card is in excellent unused condition. At the bottom of the image side: "Copyrighted 1904 by F. A. Rinehart, Omaha, Neb."

We did find another one of these cards on the web that was mailed in 1905. That web post contains the following additional info about Rain-In-The-Face:  "Rain in the Face, a member of the Hunkpapa Sioux, was born near Cheyenne River, North Dakota, in 1835. After the Battle with General Custer's Troops at Little Big Horn, he moved north with Sitting Bull into Canada. Rain in the Face remained there until 1880, when he decided to surrender to the American authorities at Fort Koegh, Montana. Rain in the Face died at the Standing Rock Reservation on Sept. 14, 1905."

What we don't know is who the artist was. If you know, please leave us a comment.

This card is unused and in excellent condition.
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Weather Update

We had some unusual clouds in the area this morning. Cumulonimbus cloud formations are not common here in Western Washington, although very common in most of the USA in summer. Description from Wiki ... "Cumulonimbus, from the Latin cumulus ("heap") and nimbus ("rainstorm", "storm cloud"), is a dense towering vertical cloud associated with thunderstorms and atmospheric instability, forming from water vapor carried by powerful upward air currents." We might further refine our thoughts here by saying that it really isn't that unusual to have these clouds at this specific time of year. We are currently in the warmest period of the year based on historical records.

Looking southwest from our location
in downtown Seattle
Classic "anvil head" cloud forming over
Columbia Center
(tallest skyscraper in Seattle)


  1. Now that is a name that sounds a lot like he might have been a Pacific Northwestern Native American. :-)

  2. I love those beautiful clouds. I am always watching the sky for pretty clouds.

  3. magnificent cloud formations.