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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Old Postcards - Fritz Reiss - The Black Forest [1]

We have posted several times about the wonderful art of Winold Reiss, an artist whose work was celebrated by the Great Northern Railroad in the early 1900s. His portraits of Native Americans are especially popular. Winold's father, Fritz Reiss, was a German lithographer, illustrator, printmaker, and painter. We were lucky to find some postcards featuring Fritz's work and will be posting these cards over the next few days.

We are uncertain about the translation but
believe it refers to a spring in the Black Forest

Fritz signed his art with what looks like F. Reiis

Unused card back
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  1. Very nice! I thought you were going to be cutting back on the postings, but I'm glad you're not yet. :-)

  2. On interesting artist, for sure. Thanks for sharing. One rarely thinks of buying a post card anymore.