Greetings from Seattle, Washington, USA

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Seattle Stairway Walk #2 -- Fremont

We explained our new "Stairway Walks" with our walk to Solstice Park in West Seattle.  Here is our second walk ... it is in the Fremont area of Seattle. Before our walk actually started we waited in line about 25 minutes to get into Paseo for lunch. Their pork sandwiches are so great that lines form daily as people wait to get into the tiny restaurant. This was our first time at Paseo and, yes, the sandwich is worth the wait! We didn't start timing our walk until we left Paseo, which just happens to be at a great place to start this stairway walk.

Waiting to get into Paseo for lunch
before we started the walk.

Tiny restaurant ... excellent sandwiches and more.

After lunch we started heading down the hill toward the ship canal, which would be half of the walk and our turn around spot. In our previous walk we captured some flower shots along the way, did the same here, but this time we'll just plug them in as they happened rather than save them all for last.

We liked this art in a bus stop.

First set of stairs.
This walk is, of course, in the Seattle Stairway Walks book and is in Section 2, Fremont.  Our walk is custom (see map at end) and we did not do the entire walk as described in the book.  We will return for another walk, on another day, to do the parts remaining.

Fancy tile work around the bottom area.

Art extended to the concrete slabs making up the floor here.

Second stairs.

Really red ... didn't mom say not to eat these?

Some of the flowers were wild, others were in gardens right
along the walk.

Custom stone/tile work by someone's garden.

Last section of stairs on this walk.

Statue of Lenin in Fremont.
Google it for the full story.

Rocket ready for blast off, we guess.
Still need to research the story on this!

Office buildings near the ship canal ...
lots of tech companies ...
including one of our favorites:  Google

We wonder if they allow tours?

Park/plaza on the ship canal.

Good place for rest/lunch

Fremont Bridge looking toward Lake Union

Boat traffic on the ship canal.
The canal links Puget Sound with Lake Union and
Lake Washington

Map of our walk.
Not long, but the stairs and vertical climb back
up the hill made it good exercise.
About 45 minutes total,
not including lunch at Paseo.
Thank you for stopping by John's Island.


  1. Very nice. I especially like the dappled sunlight on the stairs, and all the pretty flowers. Thanks! :-)

  2. You even managed to find some beautiful Dahlias.