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Friday, August 22, 2014

Return to the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection

We’re looking back to exactly two years ago … August 22, 2012, when, for the first time, we posted about our visit to the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection.

Here is how we started that post …

“John's Island recently visited the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection owned by and located near the world headquarters of Weyerhaeuser Corporation.  Bonsai is a Japanese art form using miniature trees grown in containers. We found the collection to be quite interesting and want to share some photos and information.

The entrance to the Collection is, not surprisingly, in an area with the atmosphere of a forest, just south of Seattle, near Federal Way, Washington.”

Over the past two years we have been amazed at the number of people who have looked at the series of posts we started in August, 2012. So, we decided to return to the Collection just a few days ago.

All the photos below are new and, this time, we included a few more to give a perspective of the Collection when one steps back from individual trees. We hope you enjoy the photos.

Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection
The Rhododendron Species Foundation
Federal Way, Washington
See our note at the bottom of this post about new ownership of the Collection.

Japanese Maple
and Info (Below)

Not Bonsai, but big tree ... We liked the sun
behind the tree. The garden area is like a forest.

Typical arrangement of the display.

One really BIG tree on the way into the garden.

Styles of Bonsai
(sign on display at entrance)

and Info (Below)
On display in a special heated room.

Bald Cypress Bonsai
and Info (Below)

Photo on display of full-sized Bald Cypress
for comparison.
Our first bonsai post, August 22, 2012 is here.

Ownership of the Collection has changed since our first visit. The Weyerhaeuser Company has donated the Pacific Rim Collection to a non-profit corporation to be operated by The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation. We believe the new name for the Collection is Pacific Bonsai Museum.

Thank you for stopping by John's Island.


  1. Breathtaking! I enjoyed every last one, John. These are simply amazing bonsai displays. I'll go visit the earlier one, because I haven't had enough yet. :-)

  2. John, I've always enjoyed seeing the bonsai trees, but I've never seen some of the ones pictured on your post. The blooming one is really unusual. Thanks for sharing these pics!

  3. The Bonsai are works of art for sure.