Tuesday, November 25, 2014

America's Favorite Five-cent Pencil

Today's image is from an antique ink blotter.

"You're lucky lad. When I was a boy, starting school, we never had pencils like this one."


America's Favorite Five-cent Pencil

You will like its smooth black lead

Its rounded edges please the fingers.


How do you like that phone number?  507-W  [W for Way-back? Ha ha]  It kind of looks like the gentleman in the big chair is holding a cigar, but no, it's the TI-CON-DER-OGA !

Thank you for stopping by John's Island.


  1. Great find on this one! I'm sure the phone number had something to do with the old ringer phones. I still remember mine out in the country as three longs and three shorts. Funny to think of an ad for a pencil, with the rounded edges no less.

  2. Oh, how our world has changed! An ad for a pencil, a Norman Rockwell scene, and that phone number. I'm glad you are a Way-back guy yourself. :-)

  3. we take things like this for granted every day, don't we?!

  4. That man in the ad looks like he was selling the idea to the boy so the young lad could in turn tell his mom how good the pencil was. (lol) Simple but meaningful post, John.

  5. This post brought back a flood of memories.I always loved the feel and look of a brand new pencil.Even the smell was special.

  6. I noticed that phone number right away!
    Nice old ad.

  7. I love the old prints. There is a sense of innocence in them.


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