Sunday, November 16, 2014

Cold House

Winter Morning
Southwest Montana, USA

This morning, November 16, 2014, at 5 AM the temperature at this location, according to the National Weather Service, was 0°F (-18°C). Although this photo is from our 2006 archive, when we were there, our friends tell us the snow arrived so the scene probably looks about the same today. This was our favorite Mountain Bluebird home. We hope the little birds are "south-of-the-border" now!

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  1. I hope they are, too. Nice picture; it gives a feeling of the cold that they must be experiencing right now. :-)

  2. No pellet stove in there keeping them warm. : )

  3. I sincerely hope they flew south!

    Breathtaking scene. I can almost feel the chilly air.

  4. Ohhhh! That does look cold.Yes,I can only hope the birds had the sense enough to leave in time.I am pretty sure they will have.

  5. Blue birds are my favorites - sure hope they are in a nice warm place by now.

  6. Brrr ... very cold there! I think the blue birds are safe now. Is it snowing now?

  7. That looks COLD! But I have a bluebird report! I saw one on the tree in front of our house this in Florida! He looks fine after his travels! heehee! Enjoy your week, Diane


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