Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Great Ship Calendar from 1973 [Oct-Nov-Dec]

Today we are sharing the final three months of the Great Ship Calendar from 1973. Please read more below the photos.

Bremerhaven, Germany

Piraeus (Athens), Greece Harbor

New York Harbor
 About the paintings ...

We thank all of our followers for the kind comments on the posts sharing the calendar.  A couple of you were curious why Texas Refinery would print this calendar. Our guess is this: In the years just prior to 1973, Texas Refinery President, A. M. Pate, Jr., was not just in the 1%, but maybe the .001%. He loved to travel and loved ships. He and his wife were "frequent cruisers" before that designation became popular. On one of his longer cruises, Mr. Pate met Woodi Ishmael, the 1973 calendar artist, who was aboard the cruise ship to offer classes on how to get started with painting. Mr. Pate loved Woodi's work and commissioned him to paint the art we see in the calendar. Of course Mr. Pate wanted to share all of that with the world and, being President, could have the calendars published regardless of how they related to the business of Texas Refinery. Actually, ships were related to the company as they sold their products all over the world. In fact, Mr. Pate created a Transportation Museum.  When you go to the website, it begins, "Texans’ love for all things horse-related is well documented. But Texans also have a love affair with the horseless carriage." It goes on to explain Mr. Pate's love for cars and planes and we think that extended to ships. Now you know the rest of the story.

Background information for these posts is here.
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  1. Thanks for sharing these interesting photos. Regarding your question on my blog,about the railroad ties still in place on that bridge.I have not gone to the top,but I don't think they are there,as people use the track bed as a road way for all train vehicles and bikes.

  2. These are really beautiful ships, and I enjoyed reading the stories about them, too. Thanks, John. What's next? :-)

  3. John, thanks for sharing the "rest of the story" with us. I love the one with the statue of liberty ghosted over the ship.

  4. G-2


    ;-) remember the game Battleship?

    Great photos and info here!


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