Saturday, November 1, 2014

Mountain Goats [ Great Northern Railway ]

On our recent visit to Yellowstone National Park (see posts in Archive) we were lucky to encounter some rather rare wildlife near the Park ... Mountain Goats ...

Here are a few more pics showing an overview of the location and a closer view of the young goat ...

The location is near Quake Lake
in Southwest Montana

Mountain Goats along US 287 in Montana
near Yellowstone National Park

Closer view of the little Mountain Goat

The Mountain Goat was the mascot of the Great Northern Railroad and appeared in their logo as seen on the antique brochure below ...

The Great Northern was one of three northern-route transcontinental railroads that provided travel to the western part of the USA. The other two were Northern Pacific Railroad and The Milwaukee Road. Some of the GN and NP lines are being used today by the BNSF ... Burlington Northern Santa Fe ... and the Milwaukee Road was abandoned in the 1980s.

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  1. Great shots! Are these the same species of mountain goats we have in our own Mt. Baker wilderness? They look a bit different, but they are thrilling nevertheless. You are the first railroad buff I've met, and I've learned a great deal about such things from you already. I look forward to learning more. :-)

  2. These are much different from the ones we saw in Arizona, and I do say they are much more beautiful. Always enjoy your railroad memoriabilia.

  3. Those mountain goats are so pretty. I bet their nice thick white coat keeps them nice and warm in the winter.

  4. The Mountain Goats are such a good looking animal.


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