Sunday, May 5, 2019

Cinco de Mayo at Green Lake

Snaps this morning while walking around Green Lake ...

May 5 at Green Lake
Ready to start my walk just moments after sunrise.
6:01 AM, Mostly sunny skies, 55F (12.7C)

May 5 at Green Lake
6:05 AM

May 5 at Green Lake
Canadian Geese family I've seen several times before.
At least I think it's the same family ... same spot on the walk.
The little gosling is growing up FAST!

May 5 at Green Lake
The little gosling is cute!

May 5 at Green Lake
A couple of guys fishing and, if you know exactly where to look,
Mt Rainier just topping the hill on the right horizon.

May 5 at Green Lake

May 5 at Green Lake
I like this photo but the brightness was much greater in person.

May 5 at Green Lake
I think I would enjoy this.
But that's a lot of work getting your boat in the water.

May 5 at Green Lake
Another walk is done.
 A few snaps from home yesterday afternoon/evening ...

Holland America's Eurodam departing Seattle
The Eurodam was first cruise ship to dock at Pier 91
this cruise season.
May 4, 2019  4:24 PM

Zoomed in on the aft decks.
Looks like a pretty good crowd of cruisers.

Ferries east and west bound across Puget Sound
May 4, 2019  8:08 PM

Hazy evening sky reveals many layers of the Olympics
in the distance. Mid-range is Bainbridge Island. Closest,
at bottom, Magnolia ridge.
May 4, 2019 7:39 PM

May 4, 2019 Sunset
8:13 PM


  1. Hello, Gorgeous sunrise and sunset captures. The views of the cruise ship and ferries are great. We have taken the ferry a few times from Seattle to Bainbridge, when my SIL lived there. I love the views of the Olympics and Mt Rainier. We there visiting 2 years ago today, hubby and I Washington State. One year we checked out some houses in Sequim, we talked ourselves out of a home there. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week ahead!

  2. Great shots! And yes, I saw the mountain and the gosling is definitely growing fast. Hope it makes it! :-)

  3. Gorgeous shots of the sun!

    It is truly beautiful...the water, reflections...gorgeous.

  4. Love that reflection shot.Those goslings are really growing up fast. It is still a dream of mine to someday be on one of those cruise ships. It may well rain a dream and I'm ok with that too.

  5. From the gosling to the cruise ship. Such an interesting walk! Thanks for taking me along.

  6. ...a beautiful start and ending to your day, with wonderful sight in between.

  7. Great photos there John. Yes, the little Gosling is growing up very fast. That'd be nice cruising with 'Holland- America' Regards. KEV.

  8. You are up bright and early for your walk.
    Beautiful sunrise.
    Love picture number 6 of the reflection in the lake.


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