Friday, May 31, 2019

May 30, 31 at Green Lake

Snaps from my last two walks at Green Lake ...

May 30th, Walk 94* 

Current weather conditions are giving us fog in the morning hours and sunshine in the afternoon. This is fairly typical for our region which is largely influenced by marine air flowing in from the Pacific.

Looking across the lake this morning just about ready
to start the walk.
At Green Lake, Seattle, WA  May 30, 2019  5:44 AM

Not many picture stops today but I liked this
goose and gosling.
At Green Lake, May 30th

I have found it a real challenge to get a good close up of these
little creatures. They move so fast and they are like a
little ball of fuzz. Hard for the camera to focus on them.
This one can't be very old ... just a few days at most.
At Green Lake, May 30th

The walk is done and it looks like the crew are getting a
pep talk.
At Green Lake, May 30th,  6:33 AM
Friday, May 31, Walk 95*

Last walk in May. I have walked 3 miles every day this month.

Most foggy start yet.
At Green Lake, May 31, 2019  5:42 AM
Walked around the lake every day in May.
This morning's temperature 54F  (12C)
Linking up with Skywatch Friday. Special note to host Yogi♪♪♪ ... Thought about you this past week when watching the evening news. Oklahoma has been under siege by the weather. Hope you and yours stay safe and sound! Thanks for hosting Skywatch Friday.

Quiet and peaceful walk this morning.
At Green Lake, Last day of May, 2019

Now this is unusual.
A "pro" photographer?
Tripod, big camera, looks serious.
At Green Lake, May 31

What is he photographing?
Duck Island, of all things.
In the fog at that.
At Green Lake, May 31

So, I snapped a couple with my little camera.
Would love to be able to compare mine with his.
As I walked away, I asked,
"Do you share your pictures online?"
His answer, "No."
At Green Lake, May 31

Gaggle of geese under a tree.
At Green Lake, May 31, 2019
*The walk numbers indicate the number of days I've walked 3 miles without missing a day. Yes, I know ... not a big deal, but for me it has been great. Have lost some weight, feeling better, it's all good. My "average" time for a walk has been about 50 minutes and the pace has been around 17 minutes per mile. Of course, there have been many days taking longer due to stopping for photos. Now, looking back at the year so far ... My first day to walk Green Lake in 2019 was January 26. I walked 5 days in January. I walked 21 days in February. And, I've walked every day in March, April, and May. I started posting about the walks on March 1st here on the blog. Out of the 151 days so far this year, I've walked 3 miles on 118 of them. OR, another way to look at the total ... I've walked 354 miles, more than the distance from the Pacific Ocean beach at Ocean Shores, Washington, straight across Washington State, to the State's eastern border with Idaho, ca 336 miles.

100 Years Ago ...

From the New York Times archives, the story below appeared in the Saturday, March 31, 1919, edition of the paper on Page 2. If this story happened today would it be reported in any major global media?

Saturday, March 31, 1919
New York Times
Page 2


  1. It's so interesting to look back in time like this. I'm very impressed by your daily 3 mile walks. Very commendable. I occasionally walk a few miles, but I notice it in my joints and lower back the next day so need a "recovery day" in between walks. I'm guessing your photo is every bit as good as the "pro" photographers. Strange he doesn't share his work online.

  2. Nice foggy pictures.
    That looks like a very young gosling. So cute!
    Congrats on the walking. Don't know how many miles I've walked.

  3. your professional foggy shots! Keep up the good work.

  4. Such a news story today would be in the local paper or the local station but that’s it.

    You’ve done well thus far this year. I imagine you look forward to the walk now after all this time.

  5. Congratulations on your diligence in walking. The lovely pictures are a nice bonus and we get to enjoy them here on your blog.

  6. Love that photo of the island. Is has a quite fairy tale look to it! (Makes me think of Avalon, the mystery island from the King Arthur tales)

  7. Hello, it is great you are so dedicated to your walking. Keep it up! The gosling is adorable, so fuzzy and cute. I like the foggy views and your photo of the lake/tree and reflection are beautiful. It is interesting to see the ducks so close to the photographer, he looks serious with the tripod. Enjoy your day and weekend!

  8. Your walking is not to be minimized. It is making you healthier and more fit, and who knows how many people you have influenced to get more exercise? I love your pictures, too, especially that last one before the news article for 1919.

  9. Hello John!

    Jag gillar dina bilder av dimman, det blir en speciell atmosfär där dimman lägger sig. Något mystiskt, något spännande kanske för att vi inte har överblick över platsen på samma sätt som när solen skiner och allt är synligt.
    Gott att du vid varje promenad tar dig tid att uppleva vad som händer i den omgivande naturen. Nyfödda fågelungar är alltid en upplevelse.

    Ha det gott John, fortsätt promenera!


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