Saturday, May 25, 2019

May 25 at Green Lake

Snaps from Saturday morning walk around Green Lake ...

Not my first snap today but my favorite.
Got close to one of the Great Blue Herons
She/He was walking right along the shoreline and
pretty intent on some fishing.
At Green Lake, Seattle, May 25, 2019
 Linking up with Eileen's Saturday's Critters for the 2nd time today.

First snap today.
I like to capture a picture at the beginning of the day's walk.
It records the sky conditions and the time.
At Green Lake, May 25th  5:50 AM
Today, cloudy, slight breeze, 53F  (11.6C)

Lone Ranger?
At Green Lake, May 25th
Today is my 89th day to walk 3 miles without missing a day.
(That includes 3 days in February, all 31 in March, all 30 in April, and 25 days this month.)

Parent not too happy with me so close.
The little ones are so cute!
At Green Lake, May 25th

Lost sole?
It's here ...
At Green Lake, May 25th

Mom and 8
Last time I saw this family they were on the water nearby.
At Green Lake, May 25th

Seeing a second Heron this morning surprised me.
The last few days I haven't seen them at all.
At Green Lake, May 25th

Back to my starting point.
The walk is done.
Crew at work.
At Green Lake, May 25th  6:41 AM
 First time I've seen this on a Cruise Ship ...

Spotted this from home yesterday afternoon as Royal Caribbean's
Ovation of the Seas departed for Alaska.
Quickly grabbed the camera because I haven't
seen one of these crane arms with capsule before.
This would be interesting!

Looked up Royal Caribbean's Ovation of the Seas online to see if I could get the story on the crane. Here is the info from Cruise Critic ...

It's called the North Star ...
For a serious bird's eye view of the ship and the surrounding ocean passengers simply step inside North Star, a glass-walled capsule, and are hoisted by a crane some 91 metres (298 ft) in the air. The capsule, which takes 14 people, makes a 360-degree loop, poised on the end of the 41-metre crane. The North Star is free, but time slots must be reserved in advance -- either online or onboard.


  1. Hello, John! Great captures of the heron, geese and the ducks. I do love seeing the cute babies ducks and geese. Maybe the herons have a nest nearby too. That crane ride and capsule ride would make me nervous. Thanks for another great post and link. Enjoy your day, have a safe holiday weekend.

  2. Love the birds. Did the geese hiss at you when you came near them?

    1. No, so far they have not done that, but they do keep an eye on me. I move up on them very slowly. I did see your picture of the one hissing. Maybe I've just been lucky so far?

  3. Nice pictures of the cranes, John. And I must again congratulate you on your determination not to miss a day of walking. I'm smiling as I write this. :-)

  4. Great photos, John. Thank you for visiting my Blog. I have responded to your comment over there.

    God bless you.

  5. ...89 days to walk 3 miles without missing a day, you sure are putting me to shame!.

  6. Hello John, I'm visiting you from Baili's blog.
    I enjoyed seeing your photographs, and well done on your walking.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    All the best Jan

  7. Congratulations on 89 days of walking and here's to the next 89. :)
    Wonderful shot of the heron!!

  8. Well! That birds eye view would be pretty cool, but for someone who doesn't like heights, it might not be for me.

  9. You've got lots of bird life around Green Lake.

  10. Great serie of photos. Lovely post.

  11. You are being amazing walking around the lake everyday, I'm not sure I could do the same walk all the time though seeing something different everyday does make it worth while. I have to ask how come you are doing this? I can see why now I have retired as it is something I should do myself

  12. Hello John!

    Det måste jag säga var imponerande med dina dagliga promenader och detta tidigt varje morgon.

    Ljuset är fint för fotografering den tiden på dygnet vilket dina bilder visar, en superbild på hägern där den letar mat i vattenbrynet.

  13. I know you've turned comments off on your post above, but I just wanted to say well done on your 90 days of walking.
    Great photo's and enjoy your blog break.

    All the best Jan


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