Monday, May 13, 2019

May 13 at Green Lake

Snaps along the walk today at Green Lake ...

At the start.
Green Lake, Seattle, WA, May 13, 2019  6:25 AM

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At Green Lake, May 13th

At Green Lake, May 13th
I admire folks who will go to the effort to do this.
How about you ... Would you do this?

A pretty sunrise this morning.
Skies are mostly cloudy and rain is forecast later today.
We've had several dry days in Seattle so I welcome rain.

She sleeps on both feet ...
He sleeps on one foot but keeps an eye open.
I like it.

At Green Lake, May 13th
By the way, these are mallard ducks.

This guy was going to run up a tree to get away from me.
Then he stopped and just stared.


Nothing special ... just an empty path and
my favorite tree up ahead just left of the path.

At Green Lake, May 13th

The walk is nearly done and here comes the Army!
I love it.

At Green Lake, May 13th

One last pic today.
I counted 8 little ones and 1 mom.
I hope she had a good Mother's Day!!!!

At Green Lake, May 13th
Notes to self ...

I spent most of yesterday installing our second portable air conditioner. Last summer in Seattle records were broken and it was rough for those without air conditioning. According to an article in The Seattle Times regarding 2018, “On 31 days this year, the high temperature in Seattle has reached at least 85 degrees. That’s the most on record, surpassing the previous record of 27 set [in 2017] and well above the average of about 11 days.”  A few weeks ago on this blog I mentioned something about climate change and someone left me a comment that the climate has always been changing and always will. That struck me because I had never thought of it that way, but it is absolutely the truth. So, my concern is whether or not the approximately 7.3 Billion humans on the planet are having any effect on our environment. It doesn’t really take the brain of a rocket scientist to see that the answer is yes. So, the question becomes, should we try to do anything to minimize/limit our impact on the very environment that keeps us all alive? Clearly, Individual #1 doesn’t think so, and he has turned off the Environmental Protection Agency. To tell the truth, I don’t think it makes any difference. We should have started stronger regulations years ago. We’re basically past the point of no return. I feel so lucky to have lived during the times I have. I think for the few years I have left I will be OK with actions I can take like installing another air conditioner. Fortunately, I can afford it. I do fear for the younger generations. Climate change is happening, and this time, it’s going to get all of us, sooner or later. I hope I can look back at this in 10 years or so, if I'm lucky enough to still be alive, and say, wow, I was wrong about that. We will see.


  1. I do agree that the climate is always in a state of change and always has been. But, we should have taken it more seriously a long time ago. As far as the rowing, I will pass on that!

  2. ...I love your squirrel, they never pose for me.

  3. Hello, lovely views of the lake and rowers. I do not the shoulders or arm power to row. I am lucky I might be able to paddle. Love the cute duckies. I definitely believe we have an effect on the climate, we are speeding up the changes. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  4. You are right on target. We should have started years ago with making changes...back even to when we were kids. We just didn't know any better-but once we know better-we do better, I think. I once worked with a really cute BLONDE girl (and yes,I am a blonde) and we were taking about ruining our ozone layer with all the spray products we used, etc. She, as innocently as could be, said, "I don't know how the hair spray in my bathroom gets out of the house and into the atmosphere and I am NOT going to quit using it.". Several of have laughed about that behind her back for years now. Smart as a whip when it came to numbers...but common sense? hmmmmm

    Have a wonderful week and enjoy that new AC. We have to have central air here because the summers are so humid. We live right at the mouth of Green Bay where it feeds up and into Lake MI and the north flowing Fox River flows right into here, too.

  5. Your squirrel was definitely posing for a shot. And I agree that we are all experiencing climate change, and I too am glad I have lived in previous decades when things were much nicer, with only half as many humans on the planet. I am sending positive vibes to all those adorable ducklings. Thank you, John, for another lovely post. :-)

  6. I love the squirrel.

    We haven't an air conditioner. Netherlands has experienced an unusually hot summer last year, with a code orange. It was hard.

  7. I fear for the future of my grandchildren. What will the world be like when they are my age?

  8. "I admire folks who will go to the effort to do this.
    How about you ... Would you do this?"

    Rowing looks like a lot of work. I am typing this while flopped on a couch with my feet up waiting for a pizza to arrive. Two pizzas, who am I kidding? But the lady in the photo looks to have a bit of gray hair and maybe she is not a super athlete, so... it could be doable. I mean, people do it. I might! ;-)

    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog, John! A quiet whisper. That's all. I hope someone hears it!

  9. The empty walk with those beautiful green trees is my favourite in this post. Interesting that you installed your air conditioner. My son and I set up my air conditioner today as well.

  10. Your notes to self are bang on. I also believe that climate change is accelerating. Yes climate has changed but not by man. I read a book that claimed the Chinese sailed around Greenland in the 1400's

  11. I agree with your comments regarding Climate Change. Yes, the climate has always been changing, BUT the difference is that "seeing" that change in your individual lifetime is the 'warning sign' we are ignoring. Just as geologic time is long, climate change is also long. Except for now. Now it is short enough for us to actually notice in a single life time rather than over the course of generations. But just as the number of humans on earth has increased and caused this change by our large populations and our actions (greater than anything seen by earth before) ... we will continue to ignore the earth that gives us life as a species ... and that action of ignoring will have a consequence that I won't live to see. I am glad I live now - but I fear for my kids and grandchild.



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