Sunday, May 12, 2019

Stanley Park Vancouver AND Green Lake

Stanley Park Walk - 8.8 km - 5.46 miles - May 9, 2019 - Vancouver BC

Continuing from yesterday's post and my trip to Vancouver, BC, May 8, 9, and 10. Go along with me on my nearly 6 mile walk around one of the world's best parks ... Stanley Park. Down near the end of this post is today's walk (May 12th) around Green Lake in Seattle. Click on images for larger view.

Starting my walk at English Bay - Red arrow on left
8.8 km/5.46 miles later finish - Red arrow on right
My longest walk so far this year.
Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada
May 9, 2019

At the start -- English Bay

My walk around Stanley Park May 9th

Wonderful benches line the entire walk.
Each has a dedication plaque.
See next pic for this one's dedication.

My walk around Stanley Park May 9th

Several neat spots to park a bike and sit for a while.

My walk around Stanley Park May 9th

My walk around Stanley Park May 9th

Siwash Rock
Stanley Park
Vancouver BC Canada
My walk around Stanley Park May 9th

Park the bike and read for a while.

Famous Lions Gate Bridge coming up.

Lots of marine traffic to enjoy.

Separate path for bikes/skates

My walk around Stanley Park May 9th

Lions Gate Bridge
Vancover BC Canada

My walk around Stanley Park May 9th
Looking back at the bridge.

Sign at about my halfway point.
4.5 km back to English Bay
4.3 km to City Centre

My walk around Stanley Park May 9th

Girl in Wetsuit
Along the seawall walk, Stanley Park

Girl in Wetsuit
Vancouver BC Canada
My walk around Stanley Park May 9th

One of my favorite spots ... the lighthouse.

So many birds to see.
This one seemed to be enjoying the sun ... drying the feathers.

Rounding the bend ... Canada Place still a good distance away.
That is where the walk will end today.

It's that kind of day ... Photo shoot underway

And another photo shoot 

Guided tour group getting the story.
Yes, I saw several of these groups along the way.

Almost back to downtown.
My walk around Stanley Park May 9th

Parting shot ... Great Blue Heron
Green Lake Today ... May 12, 2019 ...

At the start of today's walk ... overcast, misting rain,
activities already underway.
At Green Lake, May 12, 2019  6:56 AM

At Green Lake, May 12, 2019

At Green Lake, May 12, 2019
The total overcast and mist gives an unusual
quality to the light.

At Green Lake, May 12, 2019
Compared to yesterday ... there is no-one on the path.

Not sure if this is the same family I've spotted earlier this year ...
but, if so, the gosling is growing FAST!
At Green Lake, May 12, 2019


  1. The photos are gorgeous. The last one brought a smile. The gosling is adorable.

  2. ...I've spoken to many people who live in the Vancouver area and they speak fondly of their city. I can see why! Perhaps I can make it out there one of these days.

  3. I just saw a comment on Karen's post (Life Is Good) and was intrigued by the name John's Island. A few years ago we tried to buy a small island in Door County WI...but it didn't work out. I am your newest follower and will put you on my sidebar--I read from there. What a wonderful walk-about and good pictures. Happy Sunday to you Diana

  4. You certainly got a round and show what a beautiful city it is. My grand parents moved there after the war so we got to Vancouver to see our grandparents. The last time I visited was 2014. I have a son living in Maple Ridge.

  5. Stanley Park is beautiful. The scenery is different from your Green Lake walks.I do have to say that from pictures alone,I would have a hard time picking a favourite of the two. Green Lake has wonderful beauty as well.Beauty really is everywhere and I know you see it wherever you go.

  6. Lots of great photos there - thanks John.

  7. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dear John thank you soooooo much for sharing your wonderful walk :)))

    how one can be tired if surroundings are such magnificent and weather is as glorious !

    i got lost in the magic of your walk ways :)

    marvelous bridge !
    lovely birds and absolutely LOVED the quote written on desk!

    enjoy the breathing my friend!

  8. Hello John, awesome photos of Stanley Park. The views are fabulous. It is a pretty place for a walk. Love all the photos. Thanks for taking me along on your walk. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week!

  9. Wonderful photos of Stanley Park, John. And yes that gosling is growing up FAST. Your pictures and commentary take me right there along with you. Thanks for the two walks you took me on with you. :-)

  10. Stanly Park looks like a wonderful walk with lots to see along the way. I'd love to walk there!!
    Wonderful photos.

  11. I am a little upset with the tall buildings marring the view. But...I suppose if I were in one of them I would be elated. :)


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