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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Antique Yellowstone Postcard Album [Part 1]

Antique Postcard Album

Yellowstone National Park

If you visited Yellowstone in the early 1900s you had (just like today) a choice of souvenirs to take home to help you recall your visit. You might have selected this album of postcards. The cover is like a snake-skin material. Inside, the postcards are mounted on pages of scrapbook paper. The views on the cards cover a little bit of everything ... geysers, springs, hotels, etc. We are showing you the album exactly as it would appear if you were here with us and looking at it in reality as opposed to virtually. That means some of the cards, the vertical views, will be sideways ... you can decide how to handle the viewing.

We broke this album into two parts ... part 2 tomorrow.  Here is part 1 ... 

Fittingly, the first card is the train station
at Gardiner, Montana, and the
entrance arch to the Park.

This album was put together, probably, before
1915, when the first automobile
entered the Park.

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  1. Very nice. Thanks, John. :-)

  2. This is really nice. You wouldn't necessarily find something of this quality today.

  3. These seem to be some rare treasures.Thanks for sharing them.